Monday, October 17, 2016

Shirley Waterfalls, Yellapur

Undiscovered virgin waterfalls, deep valleys, two major Rivers the Kali and Bedti numerous streams feeding these rivers, varieties of caves and much more, Yellapur has a rare combination of simply unsurpassed natural beauty to mesmerize a person. 
My frequent hiking companion Srikanth Datta and Shrinivas Salkni had been out for last weekend to wander around Yallapur and came across a couple of nice waterfalls. Just 15 minutes drive from small town and 30 minute scenic trek follows to reach Shirley Falls. After Jenkallu Gudda and Arebylu Falls, we got back to explorer and drove down to Shirley Falls. Shirley Falls was one of the nice waterfalls to have the best waterfalls photography.
We left the car and started to walk at 4 PM. From the small parking lot you can hike down to the base of the falls. Despite the bad weather we witnessed jaw dropping beauty of nature the view of fog slightly covering the evergreen forests was just a wow. It was like a painting, an art only the nature could create.
The trail is clearly indicated by markings. Continue on the trail winding up the mountain final destination will be just below the Areca plantations we just followed the scenic trail that eventually led us to the most beautiful waterfall. 
The hike to Shirle Falls is very easy and very pleasant the hike is only 5 km round trip.  I’ve realized I’ve added another feat in my life. What a splendid view It was a beautiful cascade plunges from 100 feet height.
There is natural cave like grotto carved from rock by the shimmering water and continued up a few steps, across the creek and went inside, passed the cave to reach the base of Shirley. What an incredible sight. Once we saw the waterfall none of us could speak it was worth everything, thundering waterfall was mesmerizing.

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