Monday, September 30, 2013

Bolle Mane Waterfalls

We started in the lower Kudremukh region in rainy time, a beautiful unexplored waterfalls with a set of Eighteen members. The trekking to the waterfall can be hard specially during the monsoon but the natural beauty, sound of the flowing water and the cool breeze is sure to mesmerize and keep up the energy high with enthusiasm.
The up hill trek was challenging demanding endurance at every moment. The purity of the place was commendable, pumping and making good the required energy to our tired body and soul. Most of the folks from our group not trekked to Bolle Mane Waterfall and most of the them were quite happy about the decision to be courageous for trekking and having a lifetime experience.
After another 90 minutes of delicate treading and fighting against severe arachnophobia, we stumbled into paradise. What literally gleamed in front of us was an infinity pool that cascaded over the top of the cliff and presented a view of untouched, luscious mountains, and it was all ours. At the closer view of the falls all of our tiredness vanished & all of a sudden there was zest in mind, which started jumping with great happiness seeing the falls.
We spent some time around waterfall to relax and have some splashes under the fall. Nervously we entered the depths of its waters and after another 10 minutes of ice-cold bathing and we were ready to climb back.
Bolle Mane Waterfalls is most beautiful during the monsoons, which happens with most of the waterfalls. The natural beauty sound of the flowing water and the cool breeze is sure to mesmerize and leave you spellbound.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dodmane waterfalls

It had been a long time since I trekked. Last time I did some trekking was around 5 months ago. After that I always wanted to go for a trek to waterfalls during the Monsoon season. So I decided to do the Monsoon trek in Aghanashini Valley and finally our trek was on. Monsoon treks are always fun. It might be a big risk to trek in a place where it rains continuously but a trek to Aghanashini Waterfalls was worth the risk.

One of the best and hardest treks that I had ever been in this Monsoon. It tests both physical and mental toughness. I with 10 group of friends went to this beautiful unmapped waterfalls hoping that we would reach easily. Rain was raining heavily all along the trek. we parked our vehicle just next to the Ghat road and prepared our-self for breakneck adventure. We heard a big sound from the Ghat road.
But we couldn't see the waterfalls distinctly. So we need to mount the another side of the hill towards a edge of the valley on a slippery muddy forest. Forest is very dense and there is no marked path for us to go. We would have to walk about 15minutes along the edge of the valley holding shrubs and roots in slippery muddy woods to reach the waterfalls.As I mentioned before this hike is without trail, bush walk through the woods toward the sound of flowing water.This entire section upto the viewpoint is about half mile. Note that the ground is soft here a sigh of frequent flooding. This is why the hiking is very slow.And the final leg of hike is the steepest anf trickiest.

The place was just awesome we were in almost top of the Ghat (mountain) covered with thick forest with stream flowing in front of us. Dodmane waterfalls turned out to be quite good, water falls in 3 stages with the last being the biggest in height. We stand on edge of the valley with no conversations and everyone looking at the cascade the surrounding mountains covered with dense forest and the stream running down with huge volume to the Aghanashini Valley.

Two things we had to watch out here was one is for the green snakes and another one is Leaches.

There is a route next to the top of the Ghat Road which leads to the top of the falls. Other than the main falls, the small falls on the way makes this trek more interesting. We took so much of risk but finally had the feeling of accomplishing something. It was a pleasant feeling. Wonderful, memorable and eye pleasing trek it was.