Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kannigundi Water Falls

We were testimonies of successful attempts to reach a remote waterfall in virtually unexplored regions. As of our character last weekend once again Rajesh Sir & I decided to do one more attempt in unknown region to explore one beautiful waterfall.
The journey was fairly light it was a short trek via local Areca nut estate and would be presented with one of the most dramatic waterfalls almost 2.30 hours journey from Udupi. Rajesh Sir had searched this Unknown waterfall & we started our journey late Sunday afternoon, Anil once again accompanied us on his bike.
After about 15min of riding we parked our bikes on a mud road and started our trek after passing few houses we entered into dense vegetation inside the estate our walk inside the estate was very calm and with less effort we could reach the waterfall in less the 15 min from the road, this area was even more serene and very quiet except for the sound of the gushing falls it was complete peace
This waterfall though small in size when compared to the other waterfalls, was very beautiful. Here it cascades in 3 wide steps upon a big wide rock slab. View from the bottom of this fall was breath taking very spectacular a small wonder with its full energy a very relaxing and calming atmosphere to match though a small short trek it was glorious,
since this fall is very easy to approach and such places are usually crowded and littered with unmindful visitors hope it's serenity is maintained and place well preserved, this fall is located inside a estate and later it may become a private property also and with that the place may retain its peace.
After spending some time we returned back late in the evening with a very refreshed mind to go about our daily work for rest of the week....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAGICAL lands in monsoon…

We started our journey little late because of heavy nonstop pouring rain from last night but didn’t bother much because we knew this place & had gone several times before to this waterfalls. Normally a quick hike deep into the forest reserve it would take around 1.5 hour from the village.
After a few minutes of walk on our regular route we entered dense forest. The terrain is difficult and the weather treacherous, certainly not a place for the weak hearted. The continuous downpour made our target to inaccessible and we couldn’t even find the regular path in the deep Jungles.
Route runs inside the forest sometimes it’s highly possible that you may get lost. This time our bad luck (?) we lost our track, me & Ashok visited this waterfalls several times but still we couldn’t find the right track. In this range it’s compulsory to hire a guide when going on jungle hikes because of risk factor of getting lost despite the clear and wide trails in this terrain.
So finally we crossed 2-3 streams with great difficulty & found our own routes, started to walk with improper direction fighting with deadly infinite leaches. After lot of huffs and uffffs, we finally reached some rocky area where we could see the falls in the long distance. But after watching long view of the falls we felt we would not be able to make it till there. But we were in no mood to come back so decided to go left side direction because in my last visit I heard one more beautiful waterfall in this range.
I enjoyed the hike because throughout the trail, a beautiful and wide brook was always present; we had passed through a couple of mini waterfalls & finally we reached in front of beautiful gushing waterfalls. We enjoyed some at the time bottom of this falls & stared to climb on the other side of the falls. After a risky climb we turned into the deep forest. When we were walking nothing was on our mind no proper target even we lost the hope we could reach our desirable place, because we were already deep in the jungle.
After a hard attempt in the forest one big surprise was waiting for us. We reached the bed of one big waterfall called Kela Abbi. (On our return the local tribe told it was KelaAbbi).Here Water streams gently flow cascading down the terraces made on the hill slopes, the melodious sounds of exotic bird calls - a serenity that filters down to the heart. Oh! This place is heaven.
Falls was just simply astounding. With foliage on both sides of the waterfall opening gap and suspended high in the air, The Waterfalls were positioned on a slight incline of a hill so when you get in one of the cascade, you pretty much have your own infinity Waterfalls that overlooks part jungle scenery and green moss growing behind it Nothing can prepare for the waterfall's aura because the moment I laid my eyes on the waterfall, I was enchanted. On our return we missed the route once again & our journey towards the village was really tiring, though a very tough trek we were in for lot of surprises we got to see a fall which was not known to many except for the few locals....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hidden Milky Way...Makki Waterfalls

A tripple waterfalls-Makki Waterfalls. I set off to find an elusive waterfall in the wilderness. Nothing thrills me more than to discover a waterfall that is only known to the few people. This Trip was extraordinary ever. Finally we completed this journey with a big smile. At one time I & my team were not sure if we would begin the journey but it turned out to be the best and most enjoyable trek under this fabulous cascade.
First we 3 Me RajeshNaik& Ramesh kamath finished one known waterfalls falls nearby this & few minutes later 4 four more joined our team. Totally we 7 started our walk with very little information on a nonstop long stretch climbing a mountain. One of my friends Sandesh had gone to this place long back with his team so I could collect some information from him.
His information would have been useful provided everything in nature was a standstill but this change every moment and so we were totally in unknown part of the jungle so we chosen our own way & finally after crossing one big plantation we reached the stream called ‘Y.halla’.
Everyone got tired so we relaxed for a while & started to move swiftly by hopping and stepping on the rocks. The great part about river trekking is, whenever the sun becomes unbearable, a jump into the cold river water would just do the trick. Nothing beats river trekking, the gush of rushing water through brooks, the clack sounds of rocks when stepped on and the occasional gibbon calls.
After nonstop walk in the stream everyone got exhausted but we could not find the falls. On our journey we had passed through a couple of mini waterfalls. We asked some local tribes nearby the stream but we received negative answer. After few attempts we felt it’s not worth to ask them & wasting our time so we kept on moving opposite the stream.
At one point everyone worn out felt we won’t reach to the waterfalls, so alternatively we 3 decided to take the lead of our team give them rest & moved forward in wild. Few times of walk almost we lost the hope we could make this trip successful because of never ending boring walk up the stream.
Other 2 started to tell we return back & go to some other place in our remaining time but deep inside side my heart I strongly believed we were near the falls if we make one small attempt defiantly we could reach, so I started walking alone with a strong belief.
So I decided to go onward & search with remaining strength, as my choice I started to walk in the wild edge of the valley completely surrounded by thick forest with a strong positive expectation.
After harsh walk I could hear the falls roaring from long and within next few minutes tough attempt between thick jungles I reached directly in front of this Twin Falls. Besides this one open spot, the rest of the area seemed to be covered with trees.I took some photos to show my team & encourage them I Returned back with a new energy we stepped together .When we arrived at the waterfall, the pool at the bottom of the falls is surrounded by slippery rocks, but everyone in our groups makes it into the chilly water for a dip. We took bath in the base of the falls and feel its spray on my face.
The top of the waterfall is not so high so some of our teammates tested it to reach. A very wide rock cliffs surrounded by green forest is bisected by two powerful bursts of water in the small distance.
Two separate streams of water cascade down the black much stretched rock, but the water is almost transparent white as it tumbles down below, In the First cascade the thick spouts of water rush over the rock and land in a small pool of water & other Twin Falls has a thinner, spread out flow of water, making it seem more delicate than the others. Throughout our journey was filled with hundreds of colorful butterflies fluttering, Beautiful pebbles in grass bright like shining pearls, Colorful Mushrooms ,Evergreen forests, flowing very pure water in the stream, So many chirping birds & little variety of species, Romancing trees, Green covered hills.We certainly would have picked a technical route instead for on our return, this experience was more satisfying. We all felt the pain of leaving the scenic place but carried loads of pictures in the cameras to relive those exciting time in many days to come. But it was too less a price to pay for the wonderful time, fantastic moments with nature.