Tuesday, November 10, 2015

KalleriMoole Waterfalls, Kasaragod

After a detailed plan with great excitement I and Prashanth finally set off for searching new waterfalls in Kasargod district.  On a beautiful morning we started our journey to explore Kalleri Moole Waterfalls. After one hour bike ride we reached the place where trek starts.
 Almost 15 minutes walk we reached on top of the waterfalls. I was richly rewarded by highly exalting view on edge of the waterfalls. It is beautiful sight to see the waterfalls flowing from the 70feet height and spread around 30 feet wild rock.The pristine surrounding adds to the beauty of the place. There is nothing safety bars but you are free to venture as far afield into the gorge as you dare, but with a 70feet plus drop we had to be careful where we stepped.  Kallerimoole waterfalls which is usually roaring in full force between June to October.
A short walk through Coconut and Areca plantation we reached the downer stream. We changed into our swim suits and stepped into the stream, water was pristine and pretty cold, initial stretch was covered by thick vegetation moreover every step on the boulders has to be treated carefully near the waterfall as it can prove dangerous.
Nothing compares standing at the base of a waterfall, with the spray in your skin and the deafening roar in your ears. We passed through dizzying scenes of beauty that we usually see in nature documentaries.
My senses were not ready for such grandeur at that time that I usually blackout admiring the loveliness of the rock formation. The water was very cold and we had a refreshing dip at mountain water it’s supposed to have minerals and be very therapeutic both for the skin and for your general health.
 We spent an hour enjoying the surroundings, the beauty of the falls and the scenic place made our soul cheerful we carried loads of photos to relive those exciting time in many days to come. But it was too less a price to pay for the wonderful time, fantastic moments with the nature.