Thursday, July 30, 2009

Timeless Treasures -3

Siddeswara temple-Haveri
Our next destination was Siddeswara temple. Siddeshwara Temple in the town of Haveri city is considered as an ornate example of 12th century Western Chalukyan art & this is one of the rare temples of Haveri District that is well known for the loose sculptures of Hindu deities that exit.
However, inscription evidences suggest that the initial sanctification of the temple was in late 11th century. The temple is rather small and compact. But it is a beautiful representative of the style and the high culture of that time. An interesting aspect about this temple is that it faces west, instead of facing the rising sun in the east –a standard in Chalukyan constructions. Although it is currently used as a Shiva temple dedicated to God Shiva, historians are unsure by which faith or sect this temple was originally consecrated & to which deity. This ambiguity perhaps stems from the many loose sculptures of deities that exit & the dilapidation of primary wall images.
It has a shrine, a front hall and a four-pillared Mandapa with a porch with entrances on three sides. The shrine on the side of the porch enshrines a simple Linga as the main deity.
It also displays gods of the Trinity surrounded by Ganesh and Kartikeya. This temple features delicately carved marvelous pillars and the ceiling is ornate with floral designs.
Mukteswar Temple –Cowdayyadanapura-Ranibennur.
Our final visit was Mukteswar Temple –Cowdayyadanapura-Ranipennur. Cwdayyadanapura is famous for different type of fruits;Chaudayyadanapura is a small village in Ranebennur taluk of Haveri District; in this wonderful place one beautiful temple is situated on the bank of river Tungabadhra. This temple is fully filled by great exterior walls which are beautifully carved.
Mukteshvara Temple is a single cell temple in Jakkanachari style. Similar temples built under the patronage of Kalachuri or Seuna dynasties. This temple is a jewel of architecture of 11th-12th century. It was built during the heyday of the kingdom ruled by the Kalyani Chalukyas and the Seunas of Devagiri. It is dedicated to an Udbhava Linga (spontaneously born) Linga named Mukteshvara.
Tremendous wall designs.
Stunning stone roofs.

The history of Mukteshvara Temple at Chaudayyadanapura is known through 7 inscriptions in medieval Kannada, engraved on large steles. Provide information's on the local rulers, Kings of Guttala (Gupta ascendancy), on some constructions in the temple complex, on diverse donations to the deity.
Some Shasanas found in Chaudayyadanapura, reveal that Mallideva was Mandalika of 6th Vikramaditya of Chalukyas. Jatacholina, under the leadership of Mallideva built the Mukteshwar temple at Chaudayyadanapura.
The dome of the temple is hollow and is closed by the slabs of the stupi. Sikhara of the Mukteshwara temple is 2.20 M in its axis at the base. Stupi is made of 3 beautiful lotiform mouldings diminishing in size and a lotus bud with its base.
Eye-catching arts on the top.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timeless Treasures ...Part-2

Ramalingeswara temple -Bedasgav
Getting up early to start our trek again took all our will power, we pulled ourselves and resumed our trek we reached a village called Bedasgav
first we visited Ramalingeswara temple, this temple was well maintained by the villagers, after spending some time at this place we went to another temple which was at a short distance from the place we were,
here we find 3 major temple though it's beautiful unfortunately these temples are not protected reflecting on our heritage. There is a need of immediate Conservation and Restoration for these temples.
Beautiful Statue
Sarweshwara temple
Next we went Hanagal Naregal temple which is situated in Haveri district. We parked our vehicle outside &moved in. This is a small Sarweshwara temple coming under Archeological department. This temple is protected by this Department.

Beautiful lake...
To be continue…

Timeless Treasures ...

Last January wonderful two day trip was planned by Rajesh Naik it was a mixture of temples ,beaches, forests and lot of trekking which was involved in this action packed two day schedule, a car was already booked for this trek ,we reached Kumta early in the morning after freshening up having an early breakfast we first went to our local beach near Karwar, but early morning visit to beaches are not lucrative it's being used as public toilet and almost drove us out,
Our next place was Sadashivghad a hill fort 5km north of Karwar and a small village across the Kali River , once a known trade centre, ruled by the erstwhile kings of Kadambas & the Marathas; & later by the Portuguese & the British.
An abandoned fort, assumed to be built in the 1698 by Raja Sonde, on a hill top of 200ft high, which affords an eyeful of nature’s beauty. The long running hill ranges, the confluence of the sea & the river Kali; the fishing boats & all other gifts of nature.
After crossing Kadra Dam, the entire region was excellent with dense semi evergreen & evergreen forests, beauty of Kali backwater & also many small waterfalls & streams. The drive on the smooth road on this lush Ghat unfolds the beauty of the Western Ghats .

We reached Kalache Rock at mid-noon; it is an 80 ft single rock structure and has religious significance. It reminds me of ‘ Yana ’ but it was totally different & hidden,
Kalache Kallu
later in the afternoon we trekked to Baskipatar & Girgirpatar viewpoints, though trough a tedious trek and walking we couldn't reach that place, we halted at Yellapur and stayed at a nice hotel for the night.

To be continue…

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kallarbi Waterfalls

Monsoon trek - Part 2

Rainy season has it's own charm and trekking in rain has no words to explain, one such trek was organized by youth hostel Mangalore unit it was a one day trek to Kallarbi falls near Charmadi, we started early in the morning with nonstop rain but nature was so green and clean every tree looked so happy getting soaked in rain,
this time we were quiet a big crowd with many participants who were eagerly waiting to embrace nature,We had our breakfast at a temple on the way ,hot coffee and buns were right combination to get us going in full spirit, after a short trek we reached a roaring river and a bridge which was built in 1963 it was a pleasure to watch the river flowing in full glory, we had to take permission from Banjrumale estate to reach the fall.

Going through the estate was so very beautiful even the deadly leeches feasting on our blood could not deter us from looking around ,many small waterfalls made the place look like a magical land with rain beating on us in full force leeches attacking us from all quarters we could do nothing but surrender ourselves to nature completely.
Kallarbi Waterfalls
We crossed a small bamboo bridge over a stream felt like we were in stone age for a moment ,then we trekked for what looked like ages completely soaked to the bones we slipped many times sliding down a mountain to reach the fall ,once we saw the fall none of us could speak the tough trek those monster leeches were forgotten it was worth everything i thanked god being alive to see one of his wonderful creation the thundering waterfall was mesmerizing getting cool showers from the fall all our tiredness vanished .

We felt so good watching the falls it was like gallons of milk pouring down the hill time stood still everything around was mute except for the sound of the waterfall with great reluctance we pulled ourselves away from the beautiful sight headed back the same way we had come to reach ugirae though very exhausted our minds still residing with nature we reached our places looking forward and planning for another weekend trek again Kallarabi was one of a kind another magical place to dwell on.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monsoon walks: Joyisaragundi and Danagundi Waterfalls

Parapady Waterfalls
This trip was planed suddenly. Saturday evening I planed to go somewhere with my bike in this monsoon, in the mean time I got the call from friend Sudheer. So finally a small discussion we planed to go Perapady waterfalls.

Parapady Waterfalls
Both we don’t know much about this palace and also maximum we can spend one hour in this place, so our free time we plan to go somewhere near by this. So I contact Ramesh Kamth sir, he suggest to go JoyisaraGundi.

So finally Sunday morning we started with five (Ramesh Kamath,Sudheer,Ashok,Sandesh & me), but we made change in our plan because of heavy rain and it was small group we go with Kamth sir’s car.

We finished our breakfast in middle & reached Pettarkatte bus stop at 9am. After 2 km’s drive we reached Kamblakodu village finally 5 minutes calm walk we reached this beautiful place. Shambhavi River here drops from 10 feet height in beautifully, this is a very wide waterfalls and the fall is in its full glory during monsoon. After spending some time in this place we returned back & moved to our next destiny place.

DanaGundi -1st step

Next one hour journey we reached Mala village and take some required information about place from locally & move to ahead. First we planed to go DanaGundi and PanchaArbi falls which is situated in the lush green forests of Kudremukh National Park.
DanaGundi -Main Stage
After 2 kilometers mud road drive we reached the Hebbar house, this road also end with here. Finally we entered to wild jungle, after 15 minutes walk we reached first step. Here stream would split & falls 2 different positions. This is very beautiful with its virginity.

After 1st step no proper paths to main falls. Even rain season we can’t cross stream also. From morning these reason non-stop rain, but also we love adventure in wild. So we started to going one side of the stream in thick forest.
So finally a tough walk we reached main fall the place where the waterfalls are located is surrounded by lush greenery & the foliage around the spot is attractive. One more step in upstairs of this but because of heavy rain we can’t reach & we canceled to go Pancarbi, we returned back Mala & had lunch in one small village hotel.

Joyisara Gundi Falls
Our next plan is to go JoyisaraGundi. We reached Parashuram temple which 2 km’s away from Mala. After 2 km walk we reached Upstairs of this fall. Because of heavy rain the volume of the water also big, this falls seems like Abbi falls of Coorg. This is the most beautiful fall on the day we see. We walk down few minutes down & reach one more step in down side.

JoyisaraGundi - Upper view


JoyisaraGundi - Upper view

In this reason so many other hidden places are there to see which as Hulugudda Waterfall, Galipade, Manchkallu & Hullugudda. Rain also supported along the journey to be success this monsoon trip.