Thursday, January 16, 2014


Chikmagalur is carved against a mountainous canvas and this beautiful Malnad district is full surprises of lofty peaks, delightful dales, racing rivers, sparkling streams, captivating cascades, Sloppy grass lands with velvet looks and branching mountains. Panchami Kallu is one of the few unknown hill located here it is less explored and unexploited, great place filled with greenery and varied terrain with forest, valleys and enormous historic back set. 
 As soon as I heard of the place I was eager to explore it. Panchamikallu is a beautiful natural Viewpoint with the trails passing through thick forests, meadows and valley. Few months back I got the opportunity to visit Kogre village, first I met my friend and relaxed full 2 days in his orange estate home, and on my second day by late noon I went to explore this beautiful place with my wife.
 After about 2kms we stopped at the Shanthinath Basadi entrance on the main road, where I took few snaps of this 10th centaury Jain Basdi. Later we started moving towards Panchamikallu hills on the tarred road for almost 4kms with beautiful coffee estates and forests on both sides. Trail goes up and down after the tarred road, we entered a muddy jeep track passing through shrubbery forests and continued on for 5 minutes trail narrowed from here on and we came across to the beautiful Mantapa on top of the hill.
 Though it was a short trip, but still its etched in memory as it give us full view of the valley in front of us, it had everything to offer – Natural viewpoint, valley, peak, forest, meadow & historical testaments. The beautiful view of the meadows and the majestic trees were a treat to the eyes, level of height the colours of meadows are different that view was amazingly beautiful.

 It’s a soul soothing experience to watch the clear skies and then the green cover on the surrounding hills. We just sat there soaking in the moment and I couldn't help wondering how much more beautiful it would be during the monsoons with clouds beneath us.
We would have loved to embrace the serenity of true and undisturbed nature for a longer time but we had to leave early. So we ended our exploration early and ride back to home with serene experience.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nishane Gudda & Doddagudda – Agumbe

There is a unique enchantment that occurs sometimes when find an unknown territory that results in seeing the world differently. Who travel for the sake of travel he will find himself on a journey an adventure that transcends his expectations and imaginations. Western Ghats still today offers many unexplored territories and species. Western Ghats have many heavenly peaks and many are famous hill stations.
 The mountains always enthralled me! So are the clouds, the joy mounts when both these mingle together and produce a visual spectacle! Once again I was very much excited to travel around Agumbe region just to enjoy the feel of the dense forest of this land. Agumbe is unique for many things it offers many unexplored territories and species. Getting onto the peak of Agumbe is nothing.
The morning that we landed Agumbe first we visited 14th century beautiful Gopalkrishna Temple of the Hoysala period; we had decided not to waste much time in city so that first we took permission from concerned department. We had light food and started to head towards NishaneGudda. Anyway the sky was pretty clear for the first few hours of the morning.

 As we approached forest, crossed a dazzling brook and certainly sense the cool breeze and there we see in front of you the majestic and sudden elevation throughout chunky jungle.
The glory that it gets in the early mornings, when sun rays passes hits between trees something that is indescribable! The way is abandoned as the accessibility is a bit tough and enormous blood sucking leaches are horrible! The leeches were everywhere and were looking very well built.
 As we trudged through overgrown weeds and twisted branches we took right deviation after 500 meters climb stopped at ledge and realized that we were directly at open grassland place. The grass was green and so were the deciduous forest patches! All in all the feeling was fantastic.
 It was after an hour of leisurely walk that we reached the pinnacle of DoddaGudda; this afforded a panoramic view of the area & we become conscious of the magnitude of these forests. So it forms a nice open space around the thick forest and ideal for the bird activity. The forest beneath was echoing with the whistles of the Malabar Whistling Thrushes!
 Later we get back to the same track and headed for next level. After 15 minutes hike we landed the top of NishaneGudda. Dense forests, small and attractive waterfalls provide rich treat to the eyes. Warm weather and heavy rains are ideal for the numerous waterfalls drop over the mountain walls and hill sides. The abundant growth of tropical vegetation covers the whole Valley with thick forests.
 Cold wet air from the cost ascending up these mountains lent a nip to the soggy air while the sun continued to be hidden by the languorous clouds.

We hit by the sudden showers while we were climbing down through the grasslands, all of sudden clouds rolled over and it rained off the rain wasn't extremely heavy and dint have much impact on us. Every trouble melts away when you see the huge dense clouds hitting right at the high peaks of the Agumbe! The eyes start to think if it’s a reality or any kind of illusion!

While we were on back when the forest is covered with clouds and the heat from the canopy forms fantastic scenery. On a sunny day can find the horizon glittering of Arabian Sea. 
Agumbe has always been very close to my heart, an amazing place. You should see it to believe it! All these will remain green in my memories in the time to come. All in all that day was the day which I enjoyed the most.