Friday, June 26, 2009

Betebare Mountain (HaddinBare) and Siddargundi Waterfalls

Siddargundi waterfalls
Unknown places are more challenging for a trekker we had heard of this place called Siddaragundi falls which is situated in the Mookambika range apart from this we had absolutely no clue as to where it exactly comes and how to go about reaching it, but this did not deter our spirits,after a roller coaster ride in the jeep we reached the village

Siddargundi waterfalls
-from here we had to take the help of a local guide since every thing was new to us,we were five of us altogether and three were between ages of 50-65 we asked a local guide to accompany us, and one look at our group he had already judged that we just cant move our bodies leave trekking, but who could guess our team consisted of seasoned trekkers and age was never a criteria, finally after convincing him that looks don't matter he agreed to come with us,he altered our plans telling he would take us to more interesting places in the surroundings,this brightened us and we started moving with vigor.

First he took us to SiddaraGundi water falls it was a small trek into the forest a thirty minute walk brought us to a beautiful water fall,it was like a scene taken right from the fairy tales where one could imagine all angels bathing in that clear pool of water with water flowing in a magical way on the rocks we were so engrossed in it's beauty we didn't want to leave the place but the guide told us there is another water fall short distance from where we were where many small water falls join to make a splendid falls called Tirthabare falls.

Teerthabare Waterfalls

we were spell bound seeing the fall nature had just cast her magical spell on us,every place in nature makes us wonder how can it be so beautiful and praise the creator,

Our guide seeing our enthusiasm and joy told us he would take us to another place more beautiful called BeteBare (may be he was still not convinced till then if we could really make it finally he must have decided we could and took the interest to show us another place)
After another hour's walk the forest became more dense and suddenly there was a clearing and open place with just a rock jutting out and a dead end the jutting rock and a small clearing there we were looking into paradise we could see Kodachadri in all its splendor we could'n stand as wind was very strong and the rock was congested but being crazy it did stand and felt was one with nature with endless valley of green thick forest.
While returning we took another different route and within half an hour we were back on the jeep track,all we could think was valleys water falls and forest none of us could speak for nature had cast us a spell.
One more unknown waterfall

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Megani Expedition : Galigudda and Devakunda (Udupi YHA unit State Level Trek-2008)

Devakunda and Galigudda
This trek was organized by YHAI Udupi unit in Udupi Dist, Karnataka in November 2008. One needs to get permission from forest department to trek in this area.
The trek route is as follows: Day 1: Mavinkar (Reporting place) – Bavudi - Thearthabare Falls - Megani (base camp). (15 km)Day 2: Megani – Galigudda – Devakunda - Haddubare - Megani. (10 km)Day 3: Megani - Hullukudike (6 km).

Some part of places in first day was little steep, but manageable we reached a wonderful falls (Teeerthabarae) having our lunch relaxing to the sound of falls we continued, after a big adventure lot of puffing and panting and not willing to give up we reached our Base camp which was beautifully located at a serene spot surrounded by mountains all around it was like in middle of a deep bowl in the jungle Megani village late in the evening.

Devakunda and Galigudda

The whole trek was made easy by the fact that the trek route was through thick forest and hence devoid of harsh sun rays and also abundance of water. These jungles seemed to be fairly untouched by commercial activities or even by trekkers.

YHA Udupi volunteers had already reached the place ahead of us gave all of us a warm welcome they had arranged everything and the pitched tents was a sight to behold after settling down with stars to guide us around we had our dinner and slipped into our sleeping bags looking forward for a big adventure. Selection of trek route was excellent & also management of arrangement was simply superb by YHAI.
Next day morning we woke up to the calls of the jungle we were so excited though we had trekked the whole day previously, we were looking forward for the next day's adventure sounds of nature and excitement woke us up early and fresh, breakfast was a delicacy a tastefully prepared dish under the guidance of our expert Mr.Adiga known for his culinary expertise which was cooked at the camp the fresh aroma was mouthwatering. After a sumptuous breakfast we started our trek deep into the jungles our second day journey into the wilderness began with lot of enthusiasm.

Our second day trek was with many memorable experiences we passed through typical grassland-shoals, eco-systems which are prevalent all over the Western Ghats, the moist deciduous, semi-evergreen & evergreen forest paths untouched by any human was very beautiful the raw nature pure clean air is all a human needs to blend with.

After an hour's walk we reached an open place here we saw some large group of Indian Gaurs (type of bison) on the other side of the peak, though at a distance those animals could sense humans and within minutes they disappeared,
-after a long trek in the wild climbing many small mountains we reached a place called Galigudda (which means windy mountain) by the locals and like the name it was a place where wind energy could be conserved it was so windy we literally had to lie down because of the force of wind it was simply amazing at a height where we climbed many mountains we never felt wind this strong but at this place it was simply superb, every one of us were trying to be a bird trying to glide it was very tempting to soar in the air after trying to be birds we turned to Devakunda one of the big mountain in that range.
We had our lunch between these two mountains near a steam called Muguthi hole, a very tasty lunch was packed at our base camp and like little school children we enjoyed lunch in the forest, after a wild trek we returned to our base camp completely exhausted we had refreshing bath at the river flowing near the camp completely relaxed and after a wonderful camp fire teasing each other with multitude of talented people we wound up our second day.
Third day of our camp started very slow and every one were feeling very dull none of us wanted to go back to city life after two days of splendid life with nature with reluctance and force we drove ourselves out of nature it was only pure walking and walking down the hill a rather tedious and boring thing, though every one were practically out of energy sighting many vipers and snakes kept us on vigil to sight more,
Ready to attack- Russel wiper
Finally we reached Hullukudikae a small temple where we had to disperse after snacks and a small certificate distribution ceremony.
Really hats off to our Udupi YHAI for a wonderful trekking camp, an experience which could not be captured on pictures nor be described in words, a thrilling memorable adventure in the mountains, looking forward to many more such camps.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taste of Mansoon Showers...

Welcome to Monsoon...
I've always appreciated rainy days ; the world is still, its good nap time, there’s a nice fresh smell afterwards... Yet, having rain everyday is offering me the opportunity to make peace with rain in a different way…. I can go madly in Rainy season....Inside my house eating hot Bhajji during rainy season was amazing. I love rainy season ...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alanga (Kutloor) Waterfalls and Kodanje kallu

Last October a pleasant weekend trekking bug bit us again we wanted to go back to nature six ardent trek freaks started on our bikes and all from different places,our first place was" Konaje Kallu"it's one of the big rock mountain situated near Moodabidri ,this mountain has two peaks . Few minutes of walk we reached one Jain's cave temple its a wonderful place to see weather was playing its own prank on us that's being in nature totally unpredictable after some time in the cave temple we decided to turn back there was sudden rain the rocks were very slippery we had to climb steep rocks after a real balancing act on our part with nature we reached the bottom ,rain slippery rocks didn't let us reach the peak,but we were not the ones to give up too...
Gaint Spider
We tried reaching the peak from a different angle some of us slipped a brave strong foot Sudheer climb half the way,it was one of a kind experience competing with nature ... This did not deter our spirits we still did not want to give up though an incomplete Konajekallu could'nt stop us from visiting Alanga waterfall this is situated in edge of the Kudremukh National Park . We parked our bike in a safe place & started to walk on mud road,Kamath sir as usual was there to lead the team with all his never ending banters:)since he had already visited the fall before.
A few minutes walk in the forest the thick forest becomes more dense the silent surroundings kept us mesmerized even the view from the top even before we could reach the fall was breathtaking.
It is a great scene to watch any waterfall in its full glory and this was a average one. From this point to the base of the waterfalls was even tougher to go and it was almost like getting down a huge steep rock. Thankfully it did not rain for it would have been near to impossible to trek down in rain.
It’s easier to trek when the shoes are not wet as one gets the grip on the rocks. I did venture to get close to the falls and feel the freshness of the water sprayed from it. Ooh don’t I miss that!!! The climb up was tougher but quicker than expected. As the sunlight faded away the forests became more and more dark. Totally it was a memorable trek a pleasant memory to carry back with a refreshing mind, looking forward to many more very soon......