Saturday, December 13, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tirthabare waterfalls

One fine morning me & my friends Ashok, Raghu and Arun started our journey from Udupi to visit a Tirthabare water falls in two bikes, so that we can return to Udupi as early as possible. We planned so initially. After we had breakfast in middle of our journey, again we started bike riding in NH-17. (Horrible experience)
Tirthabare waterfalls...
After 5 km horrible mud road riding we reached one remote place there. We parked our bike near by one home & started to walk. we entered thick forest after 10 minutes walk.
Instead of usual walking we planed to walk in river side edge. As it was very difficult to walk and long way we tired, but enjoyed this river path walking a lot. Finally we reach the falls falling from more than half km high.
It was falling in many beautiful steps, first two steps which were falling from big high. We tried to go to reach that steps but route was very hard in some places we had to jump from stone to stone to go ahead. even the stones were also slipping. But with much difficulty we reached the 2nd stage. One of our partner Raghu was very much afraid of slipping from big stones but we told him that there is no other way. Ashok & Arun started rock climbing to reach final step, they started the rock from the left side of the 2nd stage, but they could not reach. There is no proper way to go 1st stage. the route is fully covered with bamboo grass & other plants so they cannot see the surface. Then they decided to come back. There after we took bath. We enjoyed a lot by exposing ourselves to the falling water. This was very nice experience.
we took snaps in the waterfalls to our maximum satisfaction & returned back at noon.