Monday, October 31, 2016

Sannahirekai Falls

The First part of the journey was relaxed normal roads, paddy fields, waterfalls and the always stunning views of Jungles. The road snakes around the mountains and cuts through beautiful Jungle scenery and gorgeous green fields after a few more windy roads we headed down deep into the jungle. It took about 30 minutes to get to reach last house of the northern edge of the village, there we parked our motorbikes and we started down from the last house of the village and quickly entered into the forest.
The Sannahirekai (Sannadike) waterfalls is almost hidden from the view till you come quite close to it by a dense crop of trees. But once you see the whole waterfall it is very refreshing to the eyes. The waterfall must be about 200 feet in height and forms a small pool at the bottom before rushing further down. And most of the time when the sun is out you may get to see the rainbow being formed at the waterfall. After staying at the waterfall site we decided headed down to the base.
We were coming towards the end at the top of the waterfalls and for a small moment I thought its impossible to get down I have such an over active imagination the last climb down rocks and around trees on what appeared to me as a thin ledge just looked to dangerous.
I was gripping onto rocks with water cascading down. I was honestly awestruck at what I was getting to do, growing with each step until we find ourselves wading out to peer over the bottom of the first of various levels of waterfall.
As we reach base I would look back behind me at the luscious jungle and feel so grateful for the experience. It’s not every day that we get to do enjoy nature like this.  We were able to appreciate another little piece of our beautiful earth in probably one of the most stimulating and exciting ways.
It is with difficulty that one climbs down into this sight one finds below. It was an authentically splendid scene. What a breath taking sight and sound watching and listening as the water crescendos over the rocks and out into the BH River.
All around stood rocks luxuriously adorned with handsome plants like ferns, club moss, centradenium and other small shrubs. God might have taken the place for a masterpiece of tasteful gardening. When illuminated by the sun the dark green leaves already damp from the mud of atomized water give off splendid rainbow colours that compete with the bright red of the flowering begonias. Streams of water fall among them forming a bright silver band down over the rocks and producing an uproar that is doubly frightful in this narrow space.
Further down from here many bushes, bamboo and above all plantations adore the bank. After we had enjoyed the stately tableau for a long time and had refreshed ourselves in its stimulating coolness, we again climbed to the burning heights and set out on our way uphill mostly through lovely woods.
The trek is not very long from the village to the waterfall and back and I would rate it as an easy trek most of the way except for the last bit of climbing down to the waterfall which I would grade as tough.
I had the excellent company of Prashanth and Shrinivas. I say excellent as Shrinivas has superb knowledge of the local flora and fauna and he was instrumental in increasing my meagre knowledge in this area to some extent. During the whole trek one comes across several bird species and the area can be considered a treasure trove for the bird lovers. The trek was amazing our guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This experience was only a tiny bit challenging and it was one of the best adventures!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Shirley Waterfalls, Yellapur

Undiscovered virgin waterfalls, deep valleys, two major Rivers the Kali and Bedti numerous streams feeding these rivers, varieties of caves and much more, Yellapur has a rare combination of simply unsurpassed natural beauty to mesmerize a person. 
My frequent hiking companion Srikanth Datta and Shrinivas Salkni had been out for last weekend to wander around Yallapur and came across a couple of nice waterfalls. Just 15 minutes drive from small town and 30 minute scenic trek follows to reach Shirley Falls. After Jenkallu Gudda and Arebylu Falls, we got back to explorer and drove down to Shirley Falls. Shirley Falls was one of the nice waterfalls to have the best waterfalls photography.
We left the car and started to walk at 4 PM. From the small parking lot you can hike down to the base of the falls. Despite the bad weather we witnessed jaw dropping beauty of nature the view of fog slightly covering the evergreen forests was just a wow. It was like a painting, an art only the nature could create.
The trail is clearly indicated by markings. Continue on the trail winding up the mountain final destination will be just below the Areca plantations we just followed the scenic trail that eventually led us to the most beautiful waterfall. 
The hike to Shirle Falls is very easy and very pleasant the hike is only 5 km round trip.  I’ve realized I’ve added another feat in my life. What a splendid view It was a beautiful cascade plunges from 100 feet height.
There is natural cave like grotto carved from rock by the shimmering water and continued up a few steps, across the creek and went inside, passed the cave to reach the base of Shirley. What an incredible sight. Once we saw the waterfall none of us could speak it was worth everything, thundering waterfall was mesmerizing.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Marse and Hulidevarakodlu Waterfalls

Enter the gateway to the most unspoiled, untouched and unexplored exciting waterfalls by crossing the calm river through hanging bridge. Feel the heaven and tranquility surrounded in the crib of evergreen forests, majestic bamboo groves, landscaped garden, impressive flora and fauna, magnificent rivers and natural scenic beauty.
The Morse village dates back to the pre-historic era. There have been evidences about civilizations that existed on the Aganashini and Bennehole river basins. There's an old Shiva temple in the banks of River Aganashini. During Marse trek route pass through forest, waterfalls and big rivers amidst the valleys of Aganashini Kolla.
Our plan was to visit Marse village and explore Marse Falls and then by evening we’ll go straight to the Hulidevara Kodlu Falls. My local friend, Mahabala accompanied us going to Morse and all throughout the entire trek.
When we took diversion from the main road just a few minute drives we find the beautiful Hanging Bridge. Upon crossing the bridge and passing through some narrow road welcomed by a thick forest and hills and that’s where the actual trekking starts. We started moving along the main stream, crossing the bamboo trees, thick bushes, sluggish waters, umpteen numbers of side streams and wet muds.
After about 1 hour walk we entered the village and another 30 minutes passing through muddy trail, paddy fields and Areca plantations we reached Mahabala’s uncle house. It turned out that the entrance to the trail going to the Waterfall is just next to the house of them. The team members were tired and we took small break before starting the final lap. Slow and study again we started. We had to cross yet another valley and the entire walk was through marshy land and almost every one of us had leeches crawling in our legs.
After about thirty minutes of passing through muddy trail and slopes, we started to hear the splash of the water. Soon we descended towards the main stream we reached the base of Marse Waterfall.
The astounding sight pleased my senses and made me realise that all those adjectives that are synonymous to stunning will be aptly expressed at that moment. No words to express as everyone were delighted and overjoyed with ecstasy. After all what you need in life is that moment of happiness under the waterfalls along with likeminded souls in the lush green forests with gushing water and gusty winds moving your soul.
I was anxious to see the next destination and wanted to walk fast but all I could do was to drag my foot one after another. Don’t know why but I was feeling very tired. I realized the gap between me and the group was slowly becoming wider.
We were looking forward for the next waterfalls, sounds of nature and excitement we started our trek deep into the jungles our journey into the wilderness began with lot of enthusiasm. Initial stretch was very slippery while climbing up the moss makes staying on feet especially difficult but after that we entered into some thick forest zone and from this point the walk was little easier.
After a big adventure lot of puffing and panting and not willing to give up we reached first stage of Hulidevarakodlu waterfalls. And there’s no other way to enjoy this immense beauty but by taking pictures with travel buddies. It was definitely the highlight of our trip enjoying this magnificence with friends.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Talasi Abbi waterfalls

It was still raining hard and we were all soaking wet on our way to Talasi Abbi Falls. We walked through a short stretch of forest and approached the Talasi Abbi Falls. Well, as expected it was beautiful.
Once you get on top of Talasiabbi, the view was even better. We did not just Talasi Abbi Falls take some photos and all it was also a chance to experience the cold and relaxing water flowing from it.
Talasi Abbi is more the 40 feet in height and 20 feet wide, some of us decided to bottom of the fall though there was no way at the left side sliding downhill was really difficult. There were parts that the climb was almost 70 degrees. After a risky attempt holding on to wet rocks, trees, whatever we could find finally we made it to reach almost base of the waterfalls.
The views from the base were simply stirring. The roaring sound of the falls which created fumes all over were relaxes my body and soul.
We weren’t able to swim because we still have to explore some parts of the province. But we knew that the water was cool and relaxing, by just wading into it.