Friday, August 8, 2014

Someshwar Beach -Mangalore

 I have visited Someshwar Beach with my family on few days back. Here the huge stretch of sand is golden in colour and has the most swaying palm trees which dot the entire place. The beach is well known for Rudra Shila which is a large rock and Someshwar beach gets its name from the Someshwar temple. The Someshwar Temple along with some majestic ruins of fort is the main places of attraction here.
 Someshwar beach located 18 km south of Mangalore is a place with an endless sandy stretch pearled with the lining of swaying palm trees. The place is accessible mainly through Someshwara bus stand which is half km from the temple.  A temple, believed to be constructed during the reign of Abbakka Devi, the queen is also another attraction.
After we arrived at Rocky Beach we were blown away, completely enthralled by the sight. This place is a great spot to go to if you are looking for a tranquil place with a lot of scenic beauty. The sight was stupendous and the sight of the blue waters of the Arabian Sea completely mesmerized us. 
 As I watched the tidal waves hit the huge rocks on the sea shore, I was completely taken in by the entire beauty of the place. The beach offers an awesome view of Arabian Sea.

 The Beach walk promises fresh air and magnificent sea views. On this walk you'll discover the beautiful stretch of coastline. What a feeling to dig your little toes into the sand, and have the salty breeze blow through your hair.