Friday, January 11, 2013

Charmadi Ghat

Mangalore Tourism –Charmadi Ghat
Every time when I pass through the Charmadi Ghat, I start dreaming about to spend at least a short time in this beautiful piece of hill-land. Each and every curves of Charmadi Ghat are has got its unique attraction and it is really amazing. These curves make you stop your vehicle, invites you to enjoy the natural beauty. Hats of NH department! Thanks for giving such wonderful road!! It is nestled in the Western Ghats and connecting both Dakshina Kannada with Chikkamagaluru district.
It would be a good idea to spend a day in Monsoon, just roaming back and forth in this stretch. Every inch is so scenic across the Ghat road you may want to stop at all places & get lost in nature!! You will get your own private scenic spots in each visit!! Actually it’s a humid place on a sunny day you will feel steaming with sweat.
Charmadi Ghat being a hillock attracts trekkers and rock climbers, just need to take care that the hills are meant only be with expert trekkers. In monsoon the climate changes every few minutes, a sudden fog gets quickly vanished with beautiful sun rays for few seconds that enhances the beauty of Mother Nature at Western Ghats..!!
This green land also attracts many birds towards its purest climate alone with other flora and faunas. This road is quite narrow and one has to be careful while on drive. At Annappa Gudi the scenery twists from pleasant to Exotic. As if someone has spread a green carpet, the sides of road were lush and moist grassy green. The road tarmac is smooth in dark pitch black the air so pure and chill. We couldn't ask for more.
Jenkallu Gudda -Charmadi
The real beauty of Charmadi lies in its small waterfalls which come alive throughout the year. Alekan, Kallarbi, Kallugundi, Nagaragundi, Kabbinasanka, Dhaivika are some famous waterfalls in this Ghat region. From Annappa Gudi you can find few milky waterfalls in between the thick forest. There is lot of peaks which is heaven for the trekking activities. One thing is sure the journey gets more and more exciting for those eyes deprived with scenic nature, Charmadi Ghat Stretch offers solace.