Saturday, April 25, 2009


The trip to Maidadi was a very eventful trek and a very memorable one. It was due to the shear beauty of the sceneries and the thick forests and Beautiful tea estates.
The entire mountain slope is covered with the green tree and is a beautiful sight to see. It is a great feeling to see the valley. These mountain ranges form a very beautiful sight and look like the undulations of waveform.

You can see the majestic kudremukh &Ballala Rayan Durga. There are many other trekking options also there if you have time. . The sun rise is equally enchanting. So we just sat there on one of the peaks & Viewed the scenery which is a great feeling and lets you be own with the nature.

These are all shoal forests. Shoal forests are found in mountain peaks, which are covered with grasslands, and the slopes are covered with thick forests. It is a natural phenomenon where the forests are denuded due to the soil erosion and the grass instead of the thick vegetation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trek to Kakkabe

Kakkabe which is 40 km from Madikere provides access to this highest peak in Coorg.Viewing Coorg from the tip of the peak is amply rewarding for those who access it to the point.
Heterogonous plants in Semi-Evergreen Forest. Attractive 'Chelavra' Waterfalls in Kakkabe...
Deciduous forest...
Our Halting Place... Our team busy with preparing food for night.
We stayed in the lap of nature at the foot of the Kakkabbe peak. This place offers panoramic view of the valley. The early morning view from this place is one which we can never forget.
Along your trek get to experience native forest, high grasslands, ridge walking, mountain, paddy and coffee plantation terrain both in panoramic views. Coorg Coffee... About 2 km by road from Kakkabe is the Padi Iggutappa temple. Dedicated to Lord Murga it is located at Padi near Ayyangeri forest in Padithara valley. The Temple resembles most of the ancient Keralite temples, in style and is the most important temple of Kodagu. 5 km from Kakkabe is an important historical landmark Nalaknad an old palace build as a Hunting lodge called 'Nalku Naadu Aramane' .

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ParpiKallu -The terrific rock formations..

When urban life gets too much for you &you yearn for a far from the madding crowed sort of break, try some thing less known head for the ‘Parpikallu’ in near Dharmastala. ( near Kokkada on Subrahmanya-Dharmasthala route)
It is an idyllic spot guaranteed to take our mind off the jarring fall of urban life. The river 'Kapila' tumbles over huge rocks crating the falls. The highlights the gushing water at angles that brings out the magnificence of this thunderous beauty. We had a leisurely bath here.
This is famous for its variety of natural rock designs.The rock formations are tremendous here.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mullayangiri,Baba Budangiri and Kemmangundi..

Mulayanagirl is the highest (6,317ft) peak in karnataka and the highest between Nilgiris and the Himalayas.Once you reach Mullayanagiri, you can stay at the Shiva temple at the top. You can get food from the temple priest. Baba Budan Hills is a mountain in the Baba Budan Giri Range of the Western Ghats of India. Located in the Chikkamagaluru District of Karnataka. Baba Budangiri has a height of 1895 meters. Baba Budangiri is known for its shrine which is a place of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Muslims. If you are going to Bababudanagiri, you can camp near the shrine there.
Big telecommunication tower in BB Hills... Baba Budangiri Range is blessed with silver cascades, mountain streams, coffee plantations and lush vegetation.Devirammana Betta...
This is 'Devirammana betta' one of the major hills in this range. The Hill is very steep and pointed. Hundreds of devotees climb the hill during first day of Deepavali to get the devi darushana.. More than seeing the god, its the beauty of nature that the people rejoice. This is the reason i think temples are built in places where nature reveals its vastness and beauty.. Kemmengudi is a hill station in Chikmamglur district and it’s located at a height of 1434m above sea level. This was the summer retreat of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV and as a mark of respect to the king, it is also known as Sri Krishnarajendra Hill Station.
Kemmangundi’s beautifully laid-out ornamental gardens and enchanting mountains and valleys views are a treat to the eye. The spectacular sunset view from the Raj Bhavan is a photographer’s delight. For the adventurous at heart, Kemmangundi offers many peaks to scale and intricate jungle paths to explore.