Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anadka Waterfalls, Didupe

Trek during monsoon is really thrilling. Streams overflowing, rivers touching danger limits are a few common sights. To catch up any waterfall at this season is really challenging and also very risky. This time me & my friend Kamat sir (Ramesh kamath) planned to go to Anadka waterfalls, so we planned to go on Bike. The brooks running down the forest area in the Western Ghat region beautifies the landscape, appearing as though the Ghat has been decorated with some ornament. So is the Anadka falls, which has elevated the beauty of forest in Didupe village, with the crystal clear water, gushing midst the rocky path, thus providing a magnificent view to the visitors. If the picturesque falls with the greenery in its backdrop gives picture perfect view to those who love to capture the sight in the lens, the intense waterfall without fail would persuade one to drench in the chill water, the memory of which would last for a long time.

After a hard long Bike ride on affected road we reached Didupe village. There we parked our bike near one house. Anadka falls is about 2kms by walk from Didupe. Passing through few estates, habitation lessened and thick forest invited us. After 15 minutes calm walk we reached the spot. Seeing the enchanting beauty of the waterfall our minds were elated. The water flowing through thick forests & diving into deep ravine was at its purest form.

Though it was very cold, we were tempted by the water. We found a suitable place to take bath, enjoyed for some time. We had a great time spending time in such a beautiful place. So after that we planned to continue to our adventure, so Kamth sir insisted we go to Samse village through dense Yaeleneeru ghat. He collected some information about that route & also we inquired some local persons about our plan & got good news as to the route was open for public that day.

Finally we started on my Bike. But really next 3 hours journey was one of the most memorial adventure trips in my life time, there are no words to express. Nature is always beautiful enough to attract people but also enough to injure careless people. So with care if we do adventure really it would become memorable.

When I visited last time to Yelaneeru falls I heard that now that route was better compare to past. So finally 11pm we reached our home with tremendous experience, a song in the heart with complete joy.
Didupe falls is located nearly 23kms away from Ujire. One has to go to Somanthadka via Ujire-Mudigere road, take a diversion at Somanthadka and reach Didupe. The falls is located almost 2 kms away from Didupe village. The road towards the fall is not in a good condition and preferably one can walk for 2 kms. The beautiful Kuduremukh range and Bandaje falls could be seen on the way.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Skandagiri (Kalavara Durga)

Come Independence Day I look forward for a holiday to run to nature and this time was no exception august 15th turned out to be a Saturday and had two days of holidays. I had planned to visit Waynad to see Meenmutti falls and an alternate plan of going to Chunchunkatte falls unfortunately both did not work as planned but that did not deter my spirits.Finally I contact my friend & she planed a night trek to Skandagiri.

Skandagiri is a place near Chickbalapura in Bangalore and is one of a kind where night trek is done its higher than Nandi hills and after the recent rains it was all green and beautiful so we decide to start from Bangalore on Saturday night around ten after a nice hot dinner we left Bangalore by ten.

My friend and a colleague from her office and me we three left in a car, drive was very smooth on the national high way but once we reached Chickbalapura we realized that to state of our country it's only the high way to an extent is good but be it village or inside city it's simply horrible, after an hour's drive on a deadly road with huge craters bigger than on the moon hundreds of poth holes we reached the Papagni temple and eleven thirty in the night we could hardly make out any thing of that place there were many guides who were eager to offer their services at an abnormal price finally after haggling about the price we agreed to pay 400rs to guide us to the peak.

Trek started with great vigor though we couldn’t make out a thing in the dark with stars and the guides torch light it was a different kind of feeling climbing a mountain like predators who prowl around in the dark, taking a few breaks enjoying the night vision listening to crickets and looking at city lights far away we scrambled groping in the dark

finally making it to the top at around two in the morning, chill wind had already started on the way but by the time we reached on top it was howling it was so very cold we were shivering, there were many people already all were huddled sitting scattered it looked like a lost world almost reminding us of remote African villages but civilization had found it's way till the top we could get hot tea along with Maggie that was quiet amazing we had hot tea to still our stomach from trembling in that cold.

We found some kind of shelter in a very old ruined temple made of stone and we could shield ourselves from the chilling wind outside ,a tattered mat which could be found in any trash in city had found it's way up and the tea stall owner charged fifty rupees for that mat so even rags can make you a rich man on top of a mountain where humans are desperate to protect themselves from nature,
we were the first to settle in that old temple later we found fifty and more people in that place all trying to find a place inside from that chill wind after three hours of waiting talking about past trek and adventures listening to others speak about life and funny ways of handling it was time for sunrise which we were waiting for, though sun did rise all we could see was mist and more mist and shiver.

Finally we started our way back coming down was quiet quick we could reach in one and half hour on the way back we could see how beautiful the surrounding was full green and mist all around it was a very wonderful experience trekking in the night.

History of Skandagiri -During the time of Tippu Sultan, Skandagiri was under the command of a powerful PaLeyagara (name not known) who’d very effectively defended his fort and thwarted Tippu’s invasion attempts. This local ruler, along with his trusted men had built such a fortified and defensive cover around the fort that even seasoned commanders of Tippu’s army couldn’t find a way to break-in. Finally Tippu’s men managed to bribe some inside persons & took control of this place, but remains of the fort live on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Timeless Treasures (Part -4)

Kadambeswara temple - Rattehalli.

Our tryst with the Hoysalas took us to interior Karnataka. It was not Belur and Halebeedu that beckoned us, but lesser known towns that had some beautiful temples. Our next destination was the Kadambeswara temple Rattehalli (Hirekerooru).

This temple was built by Hoysala King Veera Bhalla on 1174. It was late noon when we reached this hamlet and were greeted by silence. This Temple is sheer poetry on the walls as each sculpture is a masterpiece and stories come alive from every stone.

Sculptures on the outer walls come alive on these stones. This temple comes under Archeological department & also well maintained.

Hoy Sala" (Strike Sala!) said the guru Sudatta Muni to his student, Sala who was in an armed combat with a tiger that had entered a temple. The student struck the animal in one blow, immortalizing himself and his victim. The guru was so pleased that he asked Sala to establish a kingdom and the Hoysala dynasty were established. The folklore became so popular that every temple of the Hoysalas has a carving of this story. Historians dismiss the myth, but stories like these have a certain fascination about them.
Umamaheshwari Temple - Hosagunda.

Finally in the evening we reached this place Umamaheshwari Temple in Hosagunda village, Sagara taluk, The artistry of the Hoysalas in stone has been compared to the finesse of an ivory worker or a goldsmith.

The abundance of jewelry worn by the sculpted figures and the variety of hairstyles and headdresses depicted give a fair idea of the lifestyles of the Hoysala times.Here we can se numerous of erotica arts in its walls. Erotica was a subject the Hoysala artist handled with discretion. There is no exhibitionism in this, and erotic themes were carved into recesses and niches, generally miniature in form, making them inconspicuous. These erotic representations are associated with the Shakta practice.

This temple has been fully reconstructed by local villagers; at least the villagers take some Pride in Heritage India, though an exhaustive journey all The temples were amazing.

Once again I wish to thank Rajesh Naik Sir for this wonderful trek where I could get to see some really exotic old temples.