Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kapileswara Temple- Kappugodu

It was hot and sunny day and seemed rather cloudless on the sky. Fortunately, the trail was shaded and Rajesh Sir & I made a lazy mile-long walk from the Davaneebylu bus stop to this temple. The tour plan and all made by Mr. Rajesh Naik and it was an unexpected and interesting one day trip for me to join him.
The Kappugodu name might have originated from its black stones used black stones to build this temple The Kapileswara temple at Davanebylu is one of the best monuments which has been situated between beautiful locations.
This fabulous temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and it’s located against the backdrop of the sacred vast lake. Absence of Shiva & Nandi Idol in the temple premises all other things recently maintained well from the help of Archeological department and Villagers don’t have significance awareness about the value of this temple.
From the road side in first sight the vastness and beauty of the temple complex strikes me. The temple stands majestic with its unparalleled tranquility. The large temple complex with its shady trees and lush green lawn provides a serene and harmonious ambiance ideal for nice thought and deliberation.
The temple Stands 2 feet height and the entrance faces to the North direction. There are three entrances in Mukhamantapam and has 32 exquisitely carved pillars to support the ceiling. The stone benches also have maximized its beauty. We can see a few elegantly carved ceilings are of greater interest. Mostly they are some simple dances full of carvings. The doorway also shows a greatness of fine workmanship.
This temple has one Sanctum hall, Sukhasini, Navaranga and Mukhamantapa. Inside Navaranga has containing beautiful round pillars and ceiling. Outer wall was not much ornamented. Right side of the outer upper wall has some inscription in Kannada language.
Today in this temple only emptiness greets the visitor. The pillars and ceilings of this temple can only testify the ingenuity of the unknown sculptor who unlike other sculptors of his time has left nothing behind about himself except his expert craftsmanship. Kapileswara temple has not only filled me in with its historical importance but it has also revitalized me.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Million Water Sprinkling....

Even though it has been over two years since I last visited this waterfall I got an opportunity to lead a big team organized by Mangalore YHA on few weeks back. As our plan we reached the final spot and parked our vehicles two kilometers before the village.
After 1.5 mile walk on jeep track we reached the small hamlet and few steps later wild jungle invited for us. Actually our trail goes across the downer stream and it can take to get the waterfalls. After a pleasant few miles walk we reached to the base of the waterfalls.
The water flow was very slow and first sight from the bottom was not so attractive. This waterfall will keep its full flow till end of the Dec and later we couldn’t possible to get its complete beauty but still we took risk. The view of the falls is a little blocked by a craggy protruding rock from the initial stretch after climbing steep rocks we reached to the base of the Second step and could find the different beauty of this gorgeous cascade.
The upper cascade or main falls as seen from the base but not from the second step. Lucky for us it was rather dry otherwise I don't think we all would have been able to make successful to reach the bottom of the second step. Although it’s slippery under the falls might end up falling on the rocks. We all had refreshing bath under the falls getting drenched under the waterfalls and showered with cool and refreshing water.
There is one other thing that was memorable about this trail - rattlesnakes! You can hear them warning sound you not to enter the high and dry brush. We even saw one basking in the sun on side of the waterfall. Just stay on the trail and you should be fine. Should one happen to be on the trail however, give it time to leave the trail or take a wide path to go around it.
Unfortunately, somebody complaints to forest department and they came with one big notice with strict order from higher authority was mentioning that 270rs fine per head entering wildlife centaury without any permission. I was shocked it was costing around 15000rs and they don’t even bother our request and all. So finally I called my who is the in-charge of next to this Centaury and problem finally sort-out without much loss.
Our time was limited, we don't have enough time enjoying the beautiful view of the waterfalls and surrounding untouched forests but still this short one day trip it's worthwhile. The uniqueness of astounding vista of the sprinkling waterfalls, which cascades through the huge rocks was never failed to impress to our hearts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kallusanka waterfalls

Traveling can bring in a sense of peace, and will experience the immense natural value of our surroundings. We do all this for a sublime sense of peace and tranquility that should not elude us.  As far as vision can travel, natural landscape was at its very best and a showcase of waterfalls amid rich and dense jungles is on offer.
This was one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have visited in this place. Udupi YHA organized this trip at 2008 and luckily I am also one of the part of that trip. After a fine sleep next day we headed to visit this mysterious waterfall. There was not any proper trail to reach it and also this was first time to all of our team members to this place so we asked help from the villagers and one small boy agreed to join to lead our big team.
The sun had just started peeking over the mountain top, when we started and gave us some nice dabbled sunlight through the trees. Its a short walk of about an 30 minutes, mostly on gravel between rich and evergreen forests with a strong presence of deciduous trees and the last few meters are a bit rocky but the hidden waterfall you see few meters away from you is just amazing.
 Even though it was only a several foot wide opening, the fall was quite extensive. I do not recall exactly how long I stood watching the falls, but I literally just stood in amazement staring at the falls like a spectacular waterfall all to myself.
While visiting the Waterfall I loved the trail, few places its very tough and great views, till we get to the waterfalls was really nice. I am a big fan of waterfalls of all kind, I love to watch it and it is even worth a few hours of trekking to get there in my opinion. Still I amazed of the amount of water constantly falling over the hill top.
We are really glad we found the falls since it was really beautiful. The falls are located not too far from the village but still it’s isolated. I walked further downer level from main step about 50 meters which is almost concealed within the rock face and then down to the bottom of the 70feet drop. I glimpsed the downer valley from the top of the second step.
On return the walk was not an easy walk we had to climb all the way down and then reached back to the village. One of my dreams came true to spend quality time in the laps of the Nature and also discover uninhabited and undiscovered land in WesterGhat.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Malleswara (Kalleswara) Temple, Hulikal

Malleswara (Kalleswara) Temple was not in our list unexpected Rajesh sir got some information about this place and by curiosity we headed to see this temple. After getting right direction from villagers we reached this wonderful place. This temple situated in corner of the Hulikal village and just 2 km from Aremalenahalli. This temple was recently re-constructed there are also a few detached stones standing in the enclosure.
Water has been taking place around the temple. This 12th century Hoysala temple has been selected not for any exuberance of its decorative but still it was very attractive and a fine specimen of Hoysala architecture. Some of the images carved on the entrance walls and back side walls. It is a single celled Shiva temple and has an impressive and lofty stone tower.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

BenneHole Waterfalls..

I am afflicted with the roving bug and once you have it, it never really leaves you. The last time I had visited the place Benne Hole waterfalls in 2010, I missed to take photos the water level was less so during my first. I had absolutely got obsessed with the beauty of this beautiful milky waterfall. So I decided to take a trip one more time to this place.
This magnificent waterfall situated in Devimane Ghat and here Aganashini River plunges from the height of about 200feet forms a spectacular visual treat. In the monsoon most of the rivers and streams turn muddy. Benne Hole which translates as 'Butter Stream' is not one of them. A long bike journey we parked our bike in heart of the forest and headed to more deep inside. After 300meters we followed left downer path to reach base.
After a few minutes walk there was a big rock outcrop to get past but with the soil being thinner over it a more obvious path has been eroded to show a safe way through the rocks. Meanwhile, I kept climbing on with my blood pumping with excitement. We were close to the dream being realized.
We managed to get right underneath where it crashed into the rocks; there was actually a rainbow right where we were standing. Anyway, the waterfall itself was nothing special but the pool below it was very refreshing. Swimming in the waterfall, cold water, like in spring back home, a lot of little drops in the air, the brawl and the rainbow above were energizing. We went for a rewarding swim after that sweaty, taxing hike.
After a long swim and some jumping off rocks in the safe, deeper parts, we lazed about on the rocks for a while, joking and chatting. We continued our walk back clambering over more rocks through the blasting heat and through dense jungle and clambered over big rocks to reach top
It was quite windy at the top.  But what great views! I got a dramatic top-down view of the entire waterfalls.  All of this includes cool soothing sound of the falls made more lovelier.  We spent enough time on the top, and then had to go all the way back.