Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BurudeJog Waterfall

On 1st June2008 at 7.30 in the morning we started journey to BurudeJog Falls. This wonderful waterfalls is around 40 km from Kumta and 24 kms from Siddapur, its on Kumta-Siddapur State highway. At one place we took left for another 5kms on mud track from the said state highway. First we went to Mr. Ganesh Hegde's house at Ilimane where we had tea.  One member of his family happily agreed to lead further trail with us.
After few minutes journey from their house we crossed small paddy fields and later entered jungle zone. At one point the trail goes very steep into the downer hill level we followed the risky trail with safe steps. While climbing down the hill we sight the beauty of waterfalls between trees. We reached safely to the bottom there three tier waterfalls opened in-front of us. First we decided to visit upper level of the waterfalls so we crossed the stream ad followed one small route which ends with huge pond under Second level. To reach smaller 1st stage it must need rock climbing tools which we don't, so we left to climb topper level. 

We were feeling brave and a little hot also so we opted to take a quick dip and stand under the falls. Definitely a cool experience, in more ways than one! On the 2nd and 3rd stage we took enough bath and enjoyed swim for long time. More than that we enjoyed to put our head under dripping water. It was a wonderful pleasing experience. This one is a wonderful one.. 
The Second step of the waterfall has an amphitheater sort of setting where hundreds of people can sit and watch the glorious waterfall and feel the mist rushing towards them. On the other side after a serious climb down you will get to see the other end of the waterfall. And the last stretch of this waterfall can only be heard from here. If you have a heart for climbing you can climb down to the edge of the rock to see it partially.
The risky downer trail which leads to Final Stage of the waterfalls..
Myself and my friend Ashok decided to go further downer streach. When we going down we pointed natuarl viewpoint. 2nd and 5th stages are most beautiful,5th the final stage falls from highest height.Beet a trout one has to remember is that,the person one who has courage and who wants to enjoy this at his risk can see the 5th stage.Unfortunately I am one among them.So you can see the photo's of the 5th stage.A good thing is that the place still it's not polluted and sad thing is that recently one person has died while taking the photo.


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

Hey Holla,

Great pics.

So you hold the exclusive rights for the photos of the 4th stage of Burude Joga Falls. I guess no one else must be having these photos. Its amazing how did you manage to get down there..... Good going.

Ashok said...

Nice Photos yar..... Who's that person in going for the 4th step?

Unknown said...

likd the last one,hope it didnt bit u?

Unknown said...

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