Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Srirangapatna trip

Nimishamba Temple is an ancient temple on the banks of river Cauvery. It is only 2 km from Srirangapatna town. This holy place enshrines the incarnation of Parvati. It is believed that the goddess here blesses her devotees every 'nimisha,' meaning 'every minute.'

Srirangapatna town is famous for a very ancient temple dedicated to Sri Ranganathaswamy, a form of Lord Vishnu. Other attractions include the Jumma Masjid ( Mosque) and the Daria Daulat Gardens.

The Mausoleum Of Tipu Sulthan

Inside the Buruz.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Varanga Trip

Another wonderful trek on this monsoon in my bike. I got call from my friend Sudheer Kumar on Sunday morning and within a minute we planned this trip. I reached Varnga village by 9am & had my breakfast at a small Hotel.

Varang is little known for Jain Temples,It is a very beautiful place with lots and lots of greenery around it and more over there are three Jain Temples in that place. First we visited Neminath &Chandranath Basadi.
Neminath Basadi...
Neminath Basadi is 1000 years old. The bronze idols of 24 Tirthankaras in Kayotsarg posture is in the hall. The idol of Mulnayak Bhagwan Neminath (5 feet tall) is in the Garbhagriha. Chandranath Temple is dedicated to Mulnayak Bhagwan Chandrapath & the idol is made of Chandrashila and one could see the light across the idol.

Inside the temple.


Kere Basadi is very religious always crowd with Jain’s devotes. Kere Basadi is the most beautiful and worth seeing place, this is a unique Shrine in the middle of the lake. On this tiny islet, you can feel the aura so typical of many Jaina holy places.

The Jain basadi in the lake has four sided idols in four directions facing North, South, East and West. The idols of 4 Tirthankaras are Bhagwan Parsvanatha, Bhagwan Neminath, Bhagwan Ananthanath, Bhagwan Shantinath.

In the year 1711 of Vikram era, Muni Shilvijaya came here on a pilgrimage. In the past, this was a rich and prosperous city at present hundreds of people come here to worship daily.

Theertha Kallu waterfalls.

Near KereBsadi one small beautiful Waterfall is there called TheerthaKallu, 1hour of simple trek from this temple we reached this beautiful place. This water very medisinic & purified. We enjoyed sometime in this place & saw some places around called Anekalu &Huliguhe.

Anekallu rock...

Next we had our lunch in Varanga and moved to Mundli here Suvarna River in rains has created one small waterfall. Here we really enjoyed the volume of water & peacefulness of nature.


Durga Waterfalls

Next we visit one more waterfalls in Durga & finally on return we reached Parapadi. So one more weakened of waterfalls and bike riding completed the day with wonderful memories to carry.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Madin Hole Waterfalls - Udupi

There is never ending excitement for monsoon treks every time there is something new happening and this time I chose Tombattu village know to have some real good waterfalls around, this place was very new to me I had heard that it to be quiet dangerous but that never deterred me from venturing there, I gathered information from my friend Rajesh Naik who knew few things and with a local friend and few articles I was all set to start..
So finally Sunday morning by 6.30 Me,Rohith,Ashok&Chandu started form Udupi & In between Sudheer, Mahesh& Mohan joined our team. Totally we are 7 with 4 bikes. Some places road was very bad and we struggled to drive, but it all part of this crazy adventure. After a long ride we reached this village & my friend’s relative joined to guide us.
He told he would take us to MadinHole Waterfalls, so we started to at 10. After 5 minutes walk we entered dense forest, by then it started raining. We crossed 3 streams, faced so many vipers on the way. Finally after one hour tough walk we reached the spot. When we saw the waterfalls we were awed by its beauty, such a huge & a very different waterfall surrounded by dark woods and hilly region; dense vegetation on the pinnacle, hanging creepers, and dark overhanging rocky cliffs made the falls more amazing.
You can enjoy various small waterfalls here which are about 15-20 meters high and main falls around 100 meters high. MadinHole is really a wonderful place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature. We climbed one big rock to see enjoy more. We romanced with cold water sprays. Everyone took bath & enjoyed some time in this place, a wonderful soul stirring experience under a waterfall.
One more Small waterfalls just 5 minutes walk-able distance from Tombattu village.