Saturday, June 22, 2013

Uncharted Udupi Part (2) - Light-House Island

Udupi is known the world over for its beautiful temples, cultural diversity, expansive tropical forests, mouth watering cuisine and yes, its glorious beaches and Islands. Among such places is one of the beautiful island of Udupi that is least explored by visitors and restricted to visit to public.
Geologically Lighthouse Island is very similar to Kotepare Island, comprising near vertical beds of Ordovician siltstone with the same southwest-northeast strike as prevails across the region. Topographically, the island is very subdued, rising to less than 12 meters above ocean with a cliff on the east and west side and fairly gentle slopes elsewhere leading to a rocky shoreline and at its north-east end adjacent to the light house buildings. Although rock exposures are abundant, none of the crags are more than 10 meters high.
The Island is covered by lush vegetation including elder scrub, bracken, nettles and etc. The seaweed growth in the intertidal zone is luxuriant and so several of the characteristic intertidal lichen species proved difficult to find. Lichen growth is most luxuriant on the rock exposures immediately above high water, where waves prevent the establishment of a significant soil cover or the encroachment of scrub vegetation. Several species found on the crags of Lighthouse Island being absent from Kotepare Island.

The spectacle of a another beautiful derelict island there’s nothing but lush greenery, gorgeous white beaches the silvery white torrents of gushing water, the white froth on top of the overflowing waves, the deafening roar as it strikes the shore, the plumes of mist rising like smoke, reflection of salt in its spray and hunt for shells along the beach -these images breed poetry in the fecund mind. Sun, sea breeze and beautiful wildlife make a perfect combination and that's just what the Lighthouse Island offers up its barely visitors.

The lighthouse tower (closed for visitors) provides magnificent views of the Island, it has existed on Northern edge since centuries to help boats navigate through the dangerously shallow reefs. The current lighthouse recently renovated and at the north-east end of the island are numerous buildings associated with the lighthouse.
This serene, calm, almost lonely beach is the best for some peace. A small trek of barely 500 meters into the shrubbery forest takes you to one of the most beautiful sites I have ever witnessed in my visit. Absolutely cut off from the rest of the world, this place will definitely help you connect to your inner self. The moist salty wind, the blur green transparent shores, never ending sea, the pale blue sky and the glistening waters, this is all that this place can offer you.

We never realized how time flew staring at the sea. Endless Ocean that seems to merge with the horizon, so that it’s hard to understand where is the end of the water and the beginning of the sky. You are on your own in that Paradise corner away from the noisy and hectic crowd. On the ride back we always kept our self silent thinking of the time that we spent mesmerized in natures glorious beauty.