Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unforgettable day in Bolle and Yermayi Waterfall

Yermayi Waterfall
Last weekend I and my colleagues decided to go out for two days, so I made a plan for them I decided to go few waterfalls in Belthangady. As my plan we stayed night at Dharmastala and early Sunday morning after the quick breakfast we headed to Erumay falls can be found on the road to Kajoor. 
It was a fantastic bike ride in a fine rainy day. We never seen such a heavy rainfall, we were completely drowned out on rain its hitting very hard and further it continues for an hour time. 
In between we decided to go Bandaje falls, we went half way towards the falls. But as we crossed Kareudhyavara route we find a house and inquired about the Bhandaje falls and they said it need whole day to approach Bandaje falls from base sideand even its difficult to find the route inside the thick shrubbery forest land. It was almost 7 km away from the village and 15kms from Mundaje.
So we changed our plan and turned back towards the same route and headed to our next destination place. It’s around 30km away from Ujire, on the way to Konaje we faced some problem in one bike so we spent hour of time for to get repair and finally we are on our way to the falls.
As no one known the correct route to the said falls, we have only map given by my friend Rajesh naik, One villager helps us to find the proper deviation and catch correct route to the falls. We started to move on his direction which led us to reach last village house, we parked our vehicle and took some direction and tips from the home members and headed to the further level by walk.
The road to the waterfalls is very confusing and we had to pass through private farms to reach our destination. We were literally crawling through the labyrinth of bushes and creepers which made our walk all the more difficult and moist weather and slippery terrain was adding to our woes. But we did not succumb to all these difficulties and finally managed to reach the falls. Well just standing in front of this majestic falls was enough to forget all the difficulties we encountered to reach here.
For all those who are looking around for a place where one can go, spend time amidst the nature and enjoy the water fall, the location that could come handy is ERUMAY Fall is the place were god created this Beautiful greenery surrounded falls with fantastic view. One must visit this falls in his life time and defiantly it will give unforgettable memories to your life.  Kannada movie CHIGURIDA KANASU  was captured on this beautiful scenic location.
After we stayed for an hour in Erumay falls we started to move towards Bolle Falls through Kajooru -Kolli – Killur Route. We finished our lunch in Kolli Temple and we headed with our bikes on a muddy track which rain also joined fro to make drive more thrilling . Meanwhile villagers told us to get permission because its comes under Kudremukh National Park, but lack of time without getting permission we headed to Bolle village.
As we went inside this National park (this area comes under Kudremuka National Park) deeper & deeper we didn’t find any falls, but only sounds. After one of our friend stopped bike riding, fearing that Tyre may be punctured, all of us started to walk towards Bolle Mane, which is the only clue we had with us.
At one point I feared that we are in wrong way, but my friend Rajesh Naik said me about the Bolle Mane so I decided to search the house first but didnt get supports from my friends they all tiered and flustrated after a unstretchable walk by gods grace, I managed to find Bolle Mane (house). It’s a Very old house between thick jungle, we inquired about the falls and we requested them to help us, as we have already lost strength to search further. Finally the person agreed to guide us.
Once again we started to walk, keep on walking… “Its horrible route I ever scene” my friends keep telling this type of horrible comments throughout the journey, as they totally tired Physically and Mentally. Finally after lot of frustration we reached Bolle village house and one young boy from BolleMane agreed to help us to further journey.  For taking another 30 minutes walk inside the jungle we successfully reached the base of the glorious Bolle Falls. It was a unimaginable place, god’s beautiful creation made a beautiful Serene atmosphere in this place.
 I like to thank Bolle mane members all my hearts for kindly their help and made a memorable part for this trip without their help we couldn't find the falls. My friends took bath under the serene dripping waterfalls, as they finally feels happy. One must have breve heart to reach this beautiful waterfalls.
The brooks running down the forest area in the Western Ghat region beautifies the landscape, appearing as though the Ghat has been decorated with some ornament. So is the Bolle waterfalls, which has elevated the beauty of forest in Bolle village, with the crystal clear water, gushing amidst the rocky path, thus providing a magnificent view to the visitors. If the picturesque falls with the greenery in its backdrop gives picture perfect view to those who love to capture the sight in the lens, the intense waterfall without fail would persuade one to drench in the chill water, the memory of which would last for a long time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Koosalli Waterfalls

Koosalli WaterFalls (Abbi gundi)
One fine Sunday I and my friend Ashok started on journey to Koosalli Falls.This falls is near Shiroor (Kundapur tq) both of us has not familiar with the rout to reach waterfalls. I had a news paper cutting which contained an article written by Dinesh Holla and had some guidelines from him, All the information revealed that the route is may tough. (Recently Forest department made fine track to reach to base from Toodalli village)

Initial level of the Waterfalls (First Stage)
First we reached Toodalli,then we start to walk in mud road.When we asked for the route with the public,they warned us to take care while going to the falls, as latest death of Bangalore brothers disappointed them deeply. They also warned not to go after the 2nd step. (But because of our young blood & raddishness we planed to go & also we did.)

View from the Base-
When we find the river, we started walking by the side of the river.It is horrible experience to walk without knowing the distance. At last we reached the falls. When we crossed the 1st stage, we were able to see the the water falling from very high-end. But here also very tough root faced by us to reach the 2nd step. there we enjoyed  lot and had swim for a long time.

2nd and 6th stage of the waterfalls
Later we headed to next level (3rd step) which was very dangerous, without rope it is very difficult to climb the steep rock (That time I am not aware about alternate easy rout which goes through thick jungle) . I managed to climb without rope around 40 meters steep stretch, with a help, guidelines and encouragement by Ashok, who is one my best trekking mate. Finally we both succeeded to reach next level, it was a fantastic and memorial hike i had on those days.

The upper cascade or main falls as seen from the base but not from the second step. Luckily it was rather dry otherwise I don't think we all would have been able to make successful to reach the bottom of the Final stage of the waterfalls. After crossing 3rd stage across a deep beautiful pond with great scenery background, we find couple of small cascades on the trail, and after lot of struggle we reached bottom of the 6th stage.  We find a vast clean natural pond on 6th stage, we tried to touch the bottom but we failed.  Although it’s slippery under the falls might end up falling on the rocks. We all had refreshing bath under the falls getting drenched under the waterfalls and showered with cool and refreshing water.
6th and Final stage of the waterfalls from downer side (Actually this waterfalls have another two steps which could reach by Kargal side. Even if you observe closely to above photo you can find the 7th stage)

6th Stage of the  Beautiful Koosalli waterfalls
It was a nice experience I had with my friend Ashok with some adventures and colorful moments; we come back with beautiful memories... After this trip i went several times to this waterfalls and in few times I got the opportunities to stay at night on top.
If you take Bhatkal - Joga rout, near to Kargal you can see another two stages of this wonderful cascade which famously known as GUDANA GUNDI and for Nature lovers lots of opportunities to hike around this waterfalls.  For adventure trekkers also make hike to KUDUMARY (Belligundi) Waterfalls which is situated just next to the Koosalli waterfalls.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Gangadikallu, Kudremukh National Park
Tropical wet evergreen type of forest in the Gangadikallu- Western Ghats.

Chain of natural grassland and Shola forest.of rolling hills with a mosaic.

The wet climate and the tremendous water retentive capacity of the shoala grasslands and forests has led to the formation of thousands of perennial streams in the region converging to form three major rivers of the region - Tunga, Bhadra and Nethravathi.

Go on trekking tours on 13 trekking trails in the Kudremukh National park, also there is a camping site at Bhagavathi Nature Camp.But u have to take permission to the forest department.

Evergreen or semi-evergreen climax forests in this region.

The best time to visit the park is immediately after the monsoon.

Backwater of Lakya Dam

Friday, July 4, 2008

Madhukeshwara Temple, Banavasi

Madhukeshwara Temple, Banavasi (9th century)

Kadambas king Mayurvarma was made Banavasi (in North Kanara District) his capital.Kadambas was an ancient royal family of Karnataka, who ruled from their capital of Banavasi.

India has rich cultural and historical heritage well preserved in its temple architecture and pilgrim sites.A glorious place Kadamba kings Capital Banavasi is in Sirsi Taluk,Uttara Kannada District.Its 20 km away from Sirsi.Its situated in the border of Uttara Kannada and Shimoga district.Nestled deep in the forests of Western Ghats, this temple town resides on the Varadha river.Banavasi means 'nestled in the forest'.

History of Banavasi-
It has a history rivaled by no other town in the entire state. Ptolemy, the ancient Greek geographer, wrote about a place called 'Bansi' in South India. Banavasi is the place where Pampa, the first poet of Kannada, wrote his epic poems. This was the capital of the Kadambas, the first kingdom of ancient Karnataka. This is where the temple architecture of the Chalukyas and the Hoysalas got its basic elements. This was the ancient place of learning to which scholars flocked from other states like Goa and Maharashtra.the famous Madhukeshwara Temple Built in stone nearly 1500 years ago, this temple is one of the earliest evidence of architectural splendor of the Kadamba era. Also Banavasi is mentioned in the Mahabharath epic.