Monday, June 30, 2008

MinchuKallu and Kumbhakallu Trek


Situated in thick forest of Banjarumale region these are considered the highest hillocks in Charmadi range. Unique Topography and accessibility makes it one of the sought destinations for avid trekkers.

Twin peaks after descending from Ghats beckon and challenge adventurer. At the top of the hill lies a huge bauxite stone, which attracts lightning during monsoon. With this, the hill gets its name Minchukallu which means the stone which attracts lightning. For trekkers, who love adventure and challenges, this is their ultimate paradise because there is no short cut and easy route to reach this peak. Apart from tedious trekking route, what adds to the challenge is the herd of elephants making frequent appearances here. 

Morning view from the Kumbhakallu peak

Kumbhakallu and Michukallu hill range

Morning Sunrise view from top of the Minchukallu

Kumbhakallu and Minchukallu - Two great peaks. Minchukallu is the second highest peak in this Charmadi range.

Kumbakallu is another hill which is worth seeing in the vicinity. Trekkers will come across two dense forests namely ‘Banjaru Male’ and ‘Ambati Male,’ which are like safe abode for pachyderms. The elephants are seen even on Minchukallu hill and if locals are to be believed, elephants follow a corridor from the foothill to the peak accelerating themselves in zig-zag movement. At the top of the hill, these pachyderms get their staple food, which is called ‘Aane Hullu’ in Kannada. With the fight between man and elephant increasing over the years, the number of elephants coming to this area has increased.

Here we can sight Kumbhakallu & Minchukallu in single sight.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Malayamarutha - Charmadi

 View From the Malayamarutha Guest House
The small 15 minutes trek from the forest guest house situated just 5kms from Kottigehara in Charmadi Ghat. It was all too great walk in the misty environment to walk on the roads with our cool relaxed hearts.Malayamarutha: It is at the peak of the Charmadi Ghat and near the Kaniyur valley. A panoramic and enchanting view of Charmadi Ghat can be had from here. Kabbinsanka waterfall is very near to this. Alternatively, if one travels 8 k.m., along the Ujire Road, one can find the Alekhan (Aniyooru) Waterfall.
Malayamarutha Guest House - Charmadi

The picturesque place Malayamarutha overlooking the western ghat mountain ranges.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Five wonder falls in A day...!!

Onakeabbi Waterfalls -
On 6th April 2008 I and my friend Ashok started on our journey by bike at about 8am. After One hour easy ride we reached to Someshwara we left our bike in a safe place and headed to Onakeabbi falls. It is nearly 5 km away from the Someshwara.
The way to the falls is very tough and dangerous, certain places its very steep and baffling and for nature lovers it’s always enchanting and enjoyable to walk inside a jungle land. As it is a second visit for both of us, but still we had so much curiosity to distinguish the waterfalls.
They descend a series of 2 rock steps. Here water spills over the edge of a very wide rocky surface, this waterfall is covered by rocks on both the sides because of this it named as OnakeAbbi it mean In Kannada language as, Onake means a pounding stick which is used to pound grains in villages.
Both of us had bath swim for and hour time in a clean deep pond. The strange fact about this waterfall is that even if you went at mid noon the water would be very cold and you can see the sun light only after 12:30pm. Because the whole area covered by huge rocky mountains. We had our food at base and back to Someshvara at about 12am.
Barkana waterfalls  -
Later we went to Agumbe to see Barkana Falls. First we went to Agumbe Police Station, where we gave our name and address, because of naxlite problem its compolsery to take permission from concerned department.  The view point of Barkana Falls is about 13km from Agumbe. It is an interior place even though there is a mud road to see view point, but it always block from falling trees. So somewhere we left our bike and continued by walk. After 1 hour walk praising the Mother Nature for its graceful beauty we stepped to the view point. It was a good view point not only for Barkana falls, but also for its vast greenish Valley view. Barkana falls is covered by deep forest, even someone can reach base from bottom side but it’s needed to trek almost hard 8-10kms in deep forest.  Its appropriate 18km from Seeta River cross.
Next we went to Jogi Gundi waterfalls on the way back to Agumbe from Barkana. There was no much expected water and the water was not so clean. There were many plastic packets and bottles everywhere. So we left early and headed to our next destiny place.
KudluTeertha (Seetha Waterfalls)
After Jogi Gundi we had our meals at Agumbe. Then we went to Kuudlu falls. The said falls is nearly 14 km from Seetanadi bus stop, which is between Someshwar- Hebri state highways. The falls is very much popular among collage students of Manipal. The water falls from a height of 200 feet directly to the pond. It is believed that this pond is holy because many sages performed penance here many years ago. There is another water fall above Kudlu Theertha called Manga Theertha (Monkey Theertha) because only Monkeys can reach this water fall as the path is very steep inside the forest.

Reaching Kudlu falls is not easy as one may have to walk their way through difficult terrain. It looks as if it is meant for those who love trekking. During rainy season, the river will be in spate; hence the all-season track which crosses the river cannot be used. One has to go for 30 minutes of walk on hilly terrain and walking of 1.5kms as the vehicle do not cross the stream at Kudlu gate. However, the place is calm, serene and isolated.  After walking for nearly half an hour amidst the beauty of nature, one can encounter the waterfalls. Even though the trekkers enjoy the path which leads to the falls, tourist grumbles on the deplorable condition of the road.

There is a delicate bridge on the right side to cross the river. After crossing that, one has to walk inside the jungle. The bridge located here allows only two-wheelers to cross the river without any difficulties. Water cascading between two huge mountains is a pleasure to watch. This soothing scene will surely take away tiredness of walking. Moreover, the water from the falls will also help one in refreshing. This is a nice falls for swimming, but there may be glass peaces, so should be careful while taking bath or swimming.
Jomlu Teertha Waterfalls

There after we went to Jomlu Thirtha at about 5 pm. We missed the route in one place but managed to go to the spot. This is a very nice place for family trip. The water is clean while flows with a gorging sound. There are some dangerous spots too you must take care.
Jomlu Teertha - The Iron Bridge against the water flow.

We came back after seeing 5 beautiful places in a single day. It was a nice experience. We enjoyed a day trip lot.