Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kannikaya Gundy-One more Beautiful waterfall..

Our initial plan was OmbattuGudda,but because of heavy rainfall in that region we changed our plans and proceeded to Kannikaya Gundy. This waterfall is unknown & situated in very dense forest, better to have a guide along, as chances of getting lost are high, so this trekking organizer Mr. Dinesh Holla had already arranged one local guide. As the trek started, the excitement was visible on the faces. The initial route winds along a jeep track where we would come across interesting wildlife, there were tons of fresh elephant dung along the way ,and totally leech infested, there were thousands of them ready to feast on our blood. There were scary beasts in the jungle & everyone enjoyed the scenic beauty. The group got slightly scattered, as people were walking at their own pace & along with desired company. Finally after a long dry walk we stepped ‘Kabbinalehole’ River! When we reached this place everyone was tired because of nonstop trek of 8 kilometers in the dry hot swealtring heat , my body was drenched with heavy sweating. we settle down on a rock next to the river & we had food & relaxed for sometime.
After crossing ‘Kabbinalehole’ River forest turns more dense,thick humidity turned to cool. This forest is extremely virgin with huge bamboos & foliage playing host to a range of wildlife. We crossed few small streams & after another one more hour of tough trekking we reached banks of another river ‘Addahole’. Half a kilometer from there, this gushing river falls from a height of around 75 feet& is a lovely sight to behold. There we saw a beautiful waterfall surrounded by thick forests, clean huge deep ponds. Enthusiastic photographers of the group started to clicking photos from different angles.
As our plan we decided to halt & we found a suitable place to camp.After that we are all relaxed by getting into the water in bottom of the waterfall. Even our team Commander Dinesh Holla sir also enjoyed with us. Everyone took bath, swam, enjoyed in midst of nature.
We set up the camp, prepared big tent to protect our luggages from rain. We collected some firewood & Our ‘Cooking Specialist’ Vinay prepared some great items for dinner & next morning we finished our morning glory jobs by the streams , had good breakfast of uppama prepared by our team member Sudheer & Sandesh.
Because of rain we could not build a Campfire,but altogether a wonderful trek in the unknown boosted our spirits lightened our heart,
a memorable trip to be carried till our next venture into the wild.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tilmati : Beautiful Black Sand Beach in Karnataka

This is not famous beach (black sand) in Karnataka, But This is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery, explore the black sand beach and for swim also.

This beach is very clean & unpolluted. Here no crowd; no plastic’s, very hygienic & also we can reach very easily, only 15 minutes trekking itself. After crossing one small stream we climbed two three small mountains & we saw this spectacular black sand beach.
The white tips of cresting waves against the deep blue Sea are beautiful, but it's the astonishing black sand beach that will take your breath away.
Generally, the sand becomes black when it originates from a volcanic irruption.This small beach is set among lava cliffs and the sand is actually small, smooth, lava pebbles.

Besides this natural wonder, the beach offers a spectacular view of the greenish blue sea water. The beach is enclosed by mighty hills and mountains.

Especially I like to tell thanks to my friend ‘Rajesh Naik’ for inviting this great trip with him.