Thursday, September 30, 2010

Waynad Trip Part-2

Kanthanpara Waterfalls ...Our local guide told us that there was another waterfall nearby and it was better place so we moved to the next place when we reached this place to our surprise all we saw was a small fall as though few buckets of water was being poured down we were disappointed with this.
But our guide had some surprises in store and he took us further down and when we asked where we were heading he in his own language said something which we could not decipher,
After a small trek we saw a different world a complete change from the small fall to a huge very big roaring waterfall ahead called Kanthanpara Waterfalls no one could have even imagined that there was another huge waterfall ahead further down there was another step of the same waterfall totally making it a three step waterfall.
Our guide was extremely pleased to show his discovery and we were in awe at the sight, being very enthusiastic and eager to show us many more places our guide was in big hurry to move on, after a light lunch with local delicacy of a dish called Puttu we started towards a place called Edakallu caves a prehistoric caves discovered by a British explorer.
Though this place is way up the mountain where no one would have dared to venture it’s wonderfully maintained by Kerela tourism, Here 3 caves are located at a height of 1000 meters on Ambukuthi mala near Ambalavayal. We can either walk up till the caves or go by local transport where it’s a dare devil fete with the jeep drivers due to constraint of time and we were already exhausted with so much of adventure we hired a jeep which took us till the entrance,
We then climbed the steep rocks and entered the caves going back to Stone Age we tried to understand the language of prehistoric era though everything was depicted with pictures it was alien to us, looking around for some time we headed back we had many things to assimilate with our adventure packed day.
On our way back we saw a rock formation resembling a human and an elephant nature was at its creative best and weather being very considerate with us though it was monsoon we were fortunate to see many wonderful things nature had provided, finally we headed back to camp and relaxed for the day discussing about all the places we had seen, totally exhausted we slept early.
Next day we got up early our plans to climb the Chembra peak didn't materalise as it was a two day trip and we had just a day ahead so nothing to see further planning to come back again for the climb we headed back to Hometown.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waynad Trip Part -1

Every year during monsoons we tend to do something different, and this year too after many bookings and cancellations the first time and not getting tickets the next, finally a sudden program with not much of planning we started our journey towards place called Kalpetta in Waynad.Me and my friend had to start our journey from Bangalore but as always things were decided at the last minute and since had to complete my work at office and I just rushed at the last minute and got a bus to Mysore where my wait was all night long till my friend joined me around midnight to proceed to Kalpetta.
We reached our place around seven in the morning everything looked new and for a while we were just wondering as to where to start from looking around for a decent place we freshened up and had a light breakfast and started our trek,
We first went to a place a view point called Lakkidi the complete Ghat section and the Waynad region could be seen it was a breath taking view from that place. The lofty mountain peaks, the gurgling stream, luxuriant vegetation and the bird’s eye view of the deep valley on the south, with its winding roads, are breath taking.
Very beautiful and with excellent weather conditions we proceeded to a place called Pokut lake a natural lake amidst hills was a picturesque place, early morning sun and the place had its own magical effect and we sat for a while to soak in the magic, after some time at the lake we started our journey towards Soochipara falls
A very popular tourist spot but going to waterfalls on our previous treks we never expected it to be a very well maintained complete tourist place. It was a very relaxing visit to this place though it was very crowded we managed to see the place a thundering waterfall was a sight by itself.
To be continued…

Monday, September 13, 2010

Misty Mountain

Last week end we chose to go hiking on some mountain in this rainy season. So, Sunday early morning as per plans we started our expedition from my home with my 2 cousin’s riding triple on the way 2 more friends joined our team; I went ahead to get permission from the required department. After taking permission I returned back to our trekking spot with a guide provided from the department.
We had started a little late compared to our last visit to this place. First we crossed Shola forest for few minutes & entered open grassland area. These Shola forests have an upper story of small trees below the upper story is a low understory and a dense shrub layer. These Shola forests are interspersed with montane grasslands, characterized by frost- and fire-resistant grass species.
Throughout our journey from beginning till end leeches were our constant companions, so we did not worry much but enjoyed the beauty of nature. Due to this altitude and evergreen character, it is home to some of the most threatened and endemic species. Some of the species found here nowhere else in the world.
While walking on grassland we saw 2 groups of wild bears my senior teammate Kamath sir (Ramesh Kamath) observed on his binocular & we all joined him. Throughout our journey the mist was playing with us, suddenly there would be thick fog and mist where we couldn’t even see who was in front of us and in a matter of few minutes everything would become clear.
When we were stepping towards to the last Stretch of Mountain to reach the top suddenly there was heavy rain and thick mist around us. Finally we reached the top but my cousin was disappointed because it was his first trek after so much tough walk we were not able to see anything on the top of the mountain. Heavy thick fog covered the hills and cool breeze added to the splendor of the sight.

After waiting for an hour slowly the whole atmosphere cleared & in front of us we saw heaven. This place was breathtakingly beautiful such a serene place made me speechless I just wanted to sit there losing myself completely but again the call of work and duties made us retreat places like this in nature is a complete rejuvenation for the mind......