Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Suryanarayana Temple, Magala

Magala village situated in Hadagali taluk of Bellery district is famous for Kalyana Chalukyan temples. One such temple is the Suryanarayana Temple constructed in 1209 A.D. by Sameyada Garuda Marmmarasa of Magala. This temple is an ornate Chalukyan structure of great architectural merit.
The Suryanarayana Temple is located canter of the village. This temple is a Trikutachala or a temple with three Garbhagrihas housing the gods Somanatha, Venugopala and Surya. The main western Garbhagriha has a standing Venugopala (Prasanna Kesava) of 3 feet in height holding Sanka, Chakra and flute on another two hands which is profusely embellished with delicate carvings of great workmanship.
The Garbhagriha on the east accommodates a beautiful sculpture of Surya of the Chalukya period which is a rare specimen. The ceiling of the Mantapa is divided in twelve parts and each part divided into twelve compartments. The central ceiling has a large lotus with beautiful ornamentation and in the centre is a hanging lotus bud. The ceiling of the Mantapa is described as one of the finest among Chalukyan monuments.
Each Garbhagriha has an Antarala and all shrines are connected to a common Sabhamantapa preceded by a mukhamantapa facing south. In the interior the doorways of the Garbhagrihas and Antaralas are carved with five Sakhas and below the Sakhas are Dvarapalas.
Benches with slanting back rests run one side of the Mandapa. The four pillars are in form of half pillars supported on these benches. The Navaranga and the Mukhamantapa are joined together forming a large hall consisting of ten pillars.
The walls have niches in the Sabhamnadapa containing images of dancing gods. The ceilings of the temple are exquisitely carved and varied. They depict Kirtimukhas issuing scrolls filled with lotus and flying gandharvas, dikpalas, flowers and composite mythical animals.

Its outer walls are profusely embellished with series of pilasters, surmounted by delicately carved miniature Shikharas. The pillars are also impressively wrought.
One can find Jaina temple here with an image of Teerthankarain in the posture of contemplation is situated at 200 meters away from Suryanarayana Temple. On micro observation of the temple it can be concluded that the temple hailed from 11th century and concerned to early western Chalukya period of Karnataka.


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Bammoja, was the architect (achari) of that temple