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Group of Chalukya Monuments at Lakkundi

Lokkigundi or modern Lakkugundi was a celebrated provincial capital of the Chalukyas of Kalyana and battles were fought here against the Sevunas and the Hoysalas. The mint at Lakkigundi was unique & the gold coins minted here were associated with the name of the name of the town itself (Lokkigundi gadyana). Its importance is attested by many inscriptions, temples and coins. It is also associated with the famous Attimabbe.
Nanneshavar is one famous temple of the later Chalukyas of Kalyana expressing architectural features of this dynasty. This temple is situated in the south of the town and close to Kasi Visvesvara Temple. The temple consists of a garbhagriha, antarala, navaranga and mukhamandapa in east-west axis. While the first three parts are covered the last one is open and gives the impression of later addition but the contrast it provides is highly pleasing and that is the uniqueness of this temple. The temple stands on a platform of four feet in height.
 The platform relating to the hind parts have carved mouldings over which the wall of the temple rises. There are niches along with pilasters as decorative motifs and at the roof level is decorated eave.
The sikhara over the garbhgriha has three tiers with a kalasa at the top and gives an elegant appearance. The Mukhamandapa has sixteen pillars each with a square pedestal and circular mouldings above. The square base has some sculpture decorations also. It has a lotus flower pattern in its ceiling.
 There are two inscriptions here and one of them is dated 1180 AD. On this basis this temple can be dated to the middle of the 12th century AD. The square Garbhagriha has a doorway which is full of decoration consisting of creeper and floral ornamentation. Gajalakshmi is found on the lintel. In the centre of the Garbhagriha is a pedestal on which is found a Shiva linga called Nanneshvara in the inscription.
On the ceiling is decoration of lotus flower. Through this is a small temple and does not consist of many sculptures as other Chalukyan temples do, its simplicity impresses the visitor. From this point of view this is one of the elegant temples of the later Chalukya period.

Basaveshvara temple
Basaveshvara temple is a beautiful temple and has a big Nandi inside the temple. Temple is maintained by someone living next to that temple. This temple is quite a big temple with ornate carving and in the door frame as usual found in any Chalukyan temples. It is quite near to Naneshvara temple.
Currently Lakkundi claims to have about 50 temples of various stature and antiquity. Some of the temples of note are Manikeshwara Temple, Suryanarayana Shrine (of Sun God), Kashivishwanatha Temple, Nanneshwara Temple, and Brahma Jinalaya. Most of them are dedicated to Lord Siva and his various aspects. 

 Lakkundi is also famous for its stepped tanks (Kalyani) most popular among them is the stepped tank at Manikeshwara temple called as Musukina Bhavi. Manikeshvara is a beautiful temple. It has a largest kalyani and step well in the Lakkundi. The Shiva linga is made from Saligrama Stone. It is black and lustrous and hence the name Manikeshvara.

Veera Narayana is one of the neglected temple in Lakkundi. It is strange for a temple to be in this state where ASI presence is very strong. This city has an ASI museum too and yet not maintained. There is a house inside the perimeter of this temple and has a toilet attached to the temple and that is pathetic to see.
Lakkundi has a beautiful Someshvara temple in a field and looks like a private property and still connecting road is closed. ASI has renovated this temple recently. Here we have temple view at the time of renovation and when almost complete. 
 Lakkundi has a hidden kalyani next to the museum. That kalyani houses a Rama and Hanuman temple. Of course Lakkundi is a dry area now and has no water in any of the kalyani.  The temples are a smaller shrine at the entrance to the Kalayni. Beautiful and not many people visit to that place.
 Naganatha temple
Naganatha is at the heart of the city and is almost attached to the neighbourhood houses. It is sad almost this beautiful temple is hidden between just few feet from the houses. Intricate stone work inside the temple.This temple used to be Jain temple and now has Shivalinga.


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Love the intricate works of the temples here. Those ornate pillars look gorgeous. Excellent coverage!

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Good coverage. Nice to know that the Someshwara temple is renovated now.