Friday, November 26, 2010

‘Hidden Beauty of the North’

One of the most resplendent waterfalls was what we got to see this weekend a great trip worth all the effort and very rejuvenating in the end, though the night journey was little uncomfortable early in the morning I joined Rajesh Sir and his team, 
after a quick breakfast we started in two cars, on the way a flat tyre stopped us but that did not deter us from continuing we parked both the cars before entering a village and decided to complete our task and later see to the flat tyre.
4kms of walk was not much but intense heat was little tiring, finally we reached the last house of that village ,we had tea and requested one of the person to guide us to the waterfall though they were busy Mr Vinayaka hegde obliged and led our team towards the fall.
All along our journey we had many small waterfalls and at one place in middle of our journey we got one beautiful cascade one place we had excite when we climbing down with a help of tangled lianas. Some of our teammate’s freshened up in one small beautiful falls on our journey we consider this step as 4th step.
From here our Guide took us further upstream to a Main cascade of the same stream. After a non-stop hour walk we came to the top of the falls. The view of the mountain ranges was simply breathtaking it Disclose a stunning vista of craggy mountains and deep valleys. Watching the bottom of the waterfalls on the edge of the top was really breathtaking.
We decided to have a look from the bottom and even our guide also same mood to climb down so took a very risky dissection without any proper tools. We entered nearby shrub meander down a greasy cliff edge near the left side of the falls. This attempt was very risky but we did with a great spirit.
A 0.5 km climb down slippery very precipitous inside the forest brought us to a place just below the first big drop of the pretty falls. Wow!!! what a gorgeous sight it was I love the rich greens in the background, and that fall on the middle was exquisite. The rainbow lasting a few seconds created a pretty ambiance.
On return few of us (Rajesh& Vivek Sir) did pretty more adventure with a help of shrubs we reached second stage. Specialty of this step is here there is sufficient space to stand flipside of the cascade. Here we enjoyed the great beauty of the valley beside the Crystal shining drops of the waterfalls Clearings strewn with views from the edge of the cliff was no words to say. Surely this place is a worthwhile to walk for another visit. On our return we freshen with a cool bath at 4rd step.


Teamgsquare said...

Great capture , superb adventure , and lovely waterfalls . Thanks for sharing .

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

good! Very good!!

shivu.k said...

good photos good advanture