Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kapileswara Temple- Kappugodu

It was hot and sunny day and seemed rather cloudless on the sky. Fortunately, the trail was shaded and Rajesh Sir & I made a lazy mile-long walk from the Davaneebylu bus stop to this temple. The tour plan and all made by Mr. Rajesh Naik and it was an unexpected and interesting one day trip for me to join him.
The Kappugodu name might have originated from its black stones used black stones to build this temple The Kapileswara temple at Davanebylu is one of the best monuments which has been situated between beautiful locations.
This fabulous temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and it’s located against the backdrop of the sacred vast lake. Absence of Shiva & Nandi Idol in the temple premises all other things recently maintained well from the help of Archeological department and Villagers don’t have significance awareness about the value of this temple.
From the road side in first sight the vastness and beauty of the temple complex strikes me. The temple stands majestic with its unparalleled tranquility. The large temple complex with its shady trees and lush green lawn provides a serene and harmonious ambiance ideal for nice thought and deliberation.
The temple Stands 2 feet height and the entrance faces to the North direction. There are three entrances in Mukhamantapam and has 32 exquisitely carved pillars to support the ceiling. The stone benches also have maximized its beauty. We can see a few elegantly carved ceilings are of greater interest. Mostly they are some simple dances full of carvings. The doorway also shows a greatness of fine workmanship.
This temple has one Sanctum hall, Sukhasini, Navaranga and Mukhamantapa. Inside Navaranga has containing beautiful round pillars and ceiling. Outer wall was not much ornamented. Right side of the outer upper wall has some inscription in Kannada language.
Today in this temple only emptiness greets the visitor. The pillars and ceilings of this temple can only testify the ingenuity of the unknown sculptor who unlike other sculptors of his time has left nothing behind about himself except his expert craftsmanship. Kapileswara temple has not only filled me in with its historical importance but it has also revitalized me.


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Good write up, Mr.Rakesh Holla.

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Beautiful temple ......

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Nice write up and beautiful architecture.