Saturday, February 11, 2012

BenneHole Waterfalls..

I am afflicted with the roving bug and once you have it, it never really leaves you. The last time I had visited the place Benne Hole waterfalls in 2010, I missed to take photos the water level was less so during my first. I had absolutely got obsessed with the beauty of this beautiful milky waterfall. So I decided to take a trip one more time to this place.
This magnificent waterfall situated in Devimane Ghat and here Aganashini River plunges from the height of about 200feet forms a spectacular visual treat. In the monsoon most of the rivers and streams turn muddy. Benne Hole which translates as 'Butter Stream' is not one of them. A long bike journey we parked our bike in heart of the forest and headed to more deep inside. After 300meters we followed left downer path to reach base.
After a few minutes walk there was a big rock outcrop to get past but with the soil being thinner over it a more obvious path has been eroded to show a safe way through the rocks. Meanwhile, I kept climbing on with my blood pumping with excitement. We were close to the dream being realized.
We managed to get right underneath where it crashed into the rocks; there was actually a rainbow right where we were standing. Anyway, the waterfall itself was nothing special but the pool below it was very refreshing. Swimming in the waterfall, cold water, like in spring back home, a lot of little drops in the air, the brawl and the rainbow above were energizing. We went for a rewarding swim after that sweaty, taxing hike.
After a long swim and some jumping off rocks in the safe, deeper parts, we lazed about on the rocks for a while, joking and chatting. We continued our walk back clambering over more rocks through the blasting heat and through dense jungle and clambered over big rocks to reach top
It was quite windy at the top.  But what great views! I got a dramatic top-down view of the entire waterfalls.  All of this includes cool soothing sound of the falls made more lovelier.  We spent enough time on the top, and then had to go all the way back.


R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful place and awesome clicks.

Wanderer said...

I'm another bitten by travel bug. Blogrolling you on my new blog. BTW bennehoLe does look beautiful esp. the pool.