Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Million Water Sprinkling....

Even though it has been over two years since I last visited this waterfall I got an opportunity to lead a big team organized by Mangalore YHA on few weeks back. As our plan we reached the final spot and parked our vehicles two kilometers before the village.
After 1.5 mile walk on jeep track we reached the small hamlet and few steps later wild jungle invited for us. Actually our trail goes across the downer stream and it can take to get the waterfalls. After a pleasant few miles walk we reached to the base of the waterfalls.
The water flow was very slow and first sight from the bottom was not so attractive. This waterfall will keep its full flow till end of the Dec and later we couldn’t possible to get its complete beauty but still we took risk. The view of the falls is a little blocked by a craggy protruding rock from the initial stretch after climbing steep rocks we reached to the base of the Second step and could find the different beauty of this gorgeous cascade.
The upper cascade or main falls as seen from the base but not from the second step. Lucky for us it was rather dry otherwise I don't think we all would have been able to make successful to reach the bottom of the second step. Although it’s slippery under the falls might end up falling on the rocks. We all had refreshing bath under the falls getting drenched under the waterfalls and showered with cool and refreshing water.
There is one other thing that was memorable about this trail - rattlesnakes! You can hear them warning sound you not to enter the high and dry brush. We even saw one basking in the sun on side of the waterfall. Just stay on the trail and you should be fine. Should one happen to be on the trail however, give it time to leave the trail or take a wide path to go around it.
Unfortunately, somebody complaints to forest department and they came with one big notice with strict order from higher authority was mentioning that 270rs fine per head entering wildlife centaury without any permission. I was shocked it was costing around 15000rs and they don’t even bother our request and all. So finally I called my who is the in-charge of next to this Centaury and problem finally sort-out without much loss.
Our time was limited, we don't have enough time enjoying the beautiful view of the waterfalls and surrounding untouched forests but still this short one day trip it's worthwhile. The uniqueness of astounding vista of the sprinkling waterfalls, which cascades through the huge rocks was never failed to impress to our hearts.

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Ashok said...

Good snaps.. This is happening because of recent activities of some agencies taking people for trekking without due care and caution. So we have to pay for that now..