Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kallusanka waterfalls

Traveling can bring in a sense of peace, and will experience the immense natural value of our surroundings. We do all this for a sublime sense of peace and tranquility that should not elude us.  As far as vision can travel, natural landscape was at its very best and a showcase of waterfalls amid rich and dense jungles is on offer.
This was one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have visited in this place. Udupi YHA organized this trip at 2008 and luckily I am also one of the part of that trip. After a fine sleep next day we headed to visit this mysterious waterfall. There was not any proper trail to reach it and also this was first time to all of our team members to this place so we asked help from the villagers and one small boy agreed to join to lead our big team.
The sun had just started peeking over the mountain top, when we started and gave us some nice dabbled sunlight through the trees. Its a short walk of about an 30 minutes, mostly on gravel between rich and evergreen forests with a strong presence of deciduous trees and the last few meters are a bit rocky but the hidden waterfall you see few meters away from you is just amazing.
 Even though it was only a several foot wide opening, the fall was quite extensive. I do not recall exactly how long I stood watching the falls, but I literally just stood in amazement staring at the falls like a spectacular waterfall all to myself.
While visiting the Waterfall I loved the trail, few places its very tough and great views, till we get to the waterfalls was really nice. I am a big fan of waterfalls of all kind, I love to watch it and it is even worth a few hours of trekking to get there in my opinion. Still I amazed of the amount of water constantly falling over the hill top.
We are really glad we found the falls since it was really beautiful. The falls are located not too far from the village but still it’s isolated. I walked further downer level from main step about 50 meters which is almost concealed within the rock face and then down to the bottom of the 70feet drop. I glimpsed the downer valley from the top of the second step.
On return the walk was not an easy walk we had to climb all the way down and then reached back to the village. One of my dreams came true to spend quality time in the laps of the Nature and also discover uninhabited and undiscovered land in WesterGhat.


Team G Square said...

Beautiful waterfalls

Ashok said...

ya. very beautiful..

R Niranjan Das said...

Beautiful falls. How do you unearth such wonderful places?

Srikanth Manjunath said...

Nice write up..and a peaceful nature at its best..mast photos of the falls..only we realise the happiness brings in the silence of the nature..

Aravind GJ said...

Beautiful falls!!