Monday, March 15, 2010

YemmeShirla Waterfalls.

I still crave to go to this waterfall. The Trek was enticing and challenging, and the breathtaking waterfall and natural formations made this hike most memorable for me. I have gone to many places with Rajesh sir but this is one of my best trips with him in U.K district.
After a crazy bike drive with unknown local villager we started our next dry walk without much information. From starting itself we missed our route in the village (In this village there are only 3-5 houses in long distance, only large estates everywhere & another side a thick forest) this was the reason for another 30 minutes delay. After wandering for some time we were able to find one house in a huge estate, there we met one old man we took information & proper guidelines.
Once again we returned back for some distance & took one deviation which goesdeep into the dense forest. Lot of confusion throughout our walk, after a long stretched walk by god's grace we found one Sidhi lady (Sidhi’s are said to have been brought by the Portuguese from Africa as slaves some four hundred years ago. Their populations are around ten thousand and are generally found in Haliyal, Yellapur and Ankola taluks.
Now their culture is completely Indian and has adopted mainly Hindu religion. Small populations of them are Muslims and Christians. They are extremely poor and backward and work mainly as agriculture labourers in the fields of Havyak Brahmins.) & she helped to reach falls little closer.
After some time we took another deviation, but next few steps there was no pathway, from there our adventure started, We decided to go down , that time we had to face one critical situation, when we were walking down on our left side for a small distance one animal was following, we couldn’t identify or see Clearly because of thick forest but we were hearing a rough voice near thick flora that moment we were really stunned but we able to manage it in our own way. Still whenever we recall this falls this moment comes in our mind first.
Finally after a so many wrong attempts we reached to the top of the waterfalls. We climbed down nearly 70-80 degree slope without any help & reached the base of Yemmeshirla Waterfalls. This splendid waterfall is so magnificent the variegated scenic around the waterfalls is a memorable experience. The views were spectacular! I swam in a large pond for a long time & later had food on bank of the pond. This was an awesome way to end our most enjoyable Trip.
Photos by -Rajesh Naik,Udupi


Aravind GJ said...

The pool at the base of the falls is inviting!!

I need to see the waterfall.

ಭಾಶೇ said...

Hello... Good to have you on my blog!

If you visit my place, do let me know how it was!

I like it more than anything coz its my place, it will be good to know what you will think about it!


Shishir Koppikar said...

Coool!!!!!!!!! I wanna do a Deep water solo!!!!! here on this rock and then jump in the water :) :)

Shishir said...

Coool!!!!!!!!! I wanna do a Deep water solo!!!!! here on this rock and then jump in the water :) :)

Unknown said...

Can you please share the directions to this falls.. I have been there some 14 years ago... Now have forgotten the route..