Monday, March 8, 2010

Cave adventure (Part -2)

Pandavaguhe (Pandava cave)- Karkala
Pandavaguhe (Pandava cave)is just an hour's drive from my place but all these years had never thought of going to this place,many places which i had visited but a beautiful location so near by and i had overlooked,last weekend after lunch was wondering what to do and suddenly thought of going to this place me and my friend Rohith on spur of moment decided to go this place,after a smooth drive we reached this place by 4pm.

This cave is situated on a small mountain called PerpalGudda after a short walk we reached the first cave,entering this we reached a big hall ,since it was little slippery locals told us to stop going ahead as there may be very poisionous vipers and snakes, still we took our torches and moved ahead,after a few minutes we found the path to be very narrow,we saw the insides with our torches lot many bats along with many different coloured frogs were around ,after spending some time we returned back we looked like we were working at a quarry.
 Finally another cave on the mountain which the locals told was built during Tippu"s era though the inside was a complete ruin we still were wondering what people did in those caves and how it would have been during that time,even provision for water by way of 4 well's were there but we could manage to see only two ....another cave adventure led us back home by night...
Second Cave Entrance-

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