Friday, March 26, 2010

Arebylu Waterfalls

Though the thought of trekking or climbing brings in some cheer to life the sweltering heat profuse sweating tiredness fatigue of summer puts off any adventure except for a cool shower or a swim or rather a fruit juice or tender coconut would be the only choice and option in summer, at least evoking our old monsoon trips memories always, wide greenery, Milky waterfalls, Cloudy mountains, A trembling body, put head under open sky while raining will give adorable enjoyment to our heart. This time I would like to revive some Monsoon waterfalls in this sizzling summer, which will chill my heart & my blog visitors also.
Arebylu waterfalls-This trip begins near the Arebylu village, off the Karwar-Hubli road, when I with my friend Rajesh Sir on a particularly rainy morning. The waterfalls could be seen from the highway, the aproach to it was complicated through forests farm fields and waterways. We hired a villager from the near village; since we were starting our journey intermittently rain also joined throughout our trekking route.
After much walking, we reached near the waterfalls; we were confronted by near vertical climb. This wasn't supposed to be a difficult trek. Our guide was also hesitant to continue journey, even they also became clueless at that time. Finally crawling up a steep mountain, holding on to wet rocks, trees, whatever we could find as rain &wind lashed at us. We finally made it to bottom of the waterfalls.
We did pretty adventure to touch water, because rocks were very slippery & narrow. We were just soaking fully in front of the water fall, even with our shivering hand we managed to take some snaps of the waterfall. We spent enough time in this place. We didn't know if it was the rain or the fall we got drenched in but we were so engrossed in its beauty nothing mattered except for nature's beauty, well it's worth remembering those treks especially in summer for that's how we get to enjoy all the seasons of nature and thanking the creator for giving us so many varieties and value each season and looking forward for the next.
Photos By-Rajesh Naik &meyself.


sandeep said...

luvly shots rakesh. looks like a beautiful falls :) how far is it from hubli-karwar highway? is it near yellapur?

ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...


really lovely spot

RAMDAS said...

dear holla
i liked the waterfalls you posted in the blog. i recollected my younger days spent in kapu & udupi.
now i have become old and also no time to enjoy like present i am in blore where life is emailid: do enjoy ur life also ur career.
ramdas pai k