Monday, March 22, 2010

Grandeur Etched in Stone (Part-7)

Javagal Lakshminarasimha temple -
Javagal near Arasikere is an important center of Hoysala temples of which the Lakshminarasimha temple is the most beautiful. In fact it is a good example for a small & elegant Hoysala temple.However, on stylistic grounds & the part played by the famous sculptor Mallitamma who built the Keshava temple at Somanathapura, Harnahalli&Nuggihalli,it is generally that this temple at Javagal was built around 1250A.D.
This is a Trikuta with three Grabhagrahas but it has only one Sikhara now at the west. A Lakshmi shrine, Mukhamandapa & a Goupura have been added later.The entire temple is built of soapstone & stands on a platform (Jagati).
The moulded platform is in star shape & has elegantly carved horizontal mouldings. As usual it has 6 horizontal friezes. The Puranic frieze contains scenes from Ramayana & Bhagavata.The Ramayana scenes are shown in grater details. One of the panels has Hanuman searching for Sita in Lanka & is shown as looking through a telescope. This is a rare scene.
Over these friezes are found hundreds of sculptures representing various gods & goddesses under highly ornamented canopies. The name of the Mallitamma is carved on the pedestals of many images, other sculptors who carved images in this temple are Sannamada, Mallayya & Chikkamallitamma.
A mahadvara with a Gopura was added during Vijanagar period around 1515A.D. Thus the Lakshminarasimha temple is a very elegant Hoysala temple at Javagal.

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