Monday, February 15, 2010

Kudremukh trek

Kudremukh was a long time dream and it came true this weekend, the whole trip was completely planned and organized by my friend Sudheer Kumar, as per our plan we had to reach Mullodi by evening, unfortunately Sudheer met with an accident and our plans were almost cancelled, but by evening we four of us started on our bikes and reached the base by 10pm.

We halted for night at last house which is 10kms from Kudremukh and this is the starting trek point too, it’s only a short 13min trek and we can reach Somavathi falls second stage from here.

Early morning we started from this house and he had arranged a guide for us, initial one hour trek was very pleasant, we got to see group of wild deer at close range, the whole trekking route was open grass lands and thick Shola forests small streams with cool fresh mineral water, cool breeze walking in the thick Shola forest was heavenly.

A completely unspoilt forest many beautiful colorful birds singing in the forest made us feel as though we were walking in dreamland, in the middle of our journey we saw first step of Somavathi waterfalls in the valley but due to time constraint we couldn't make it to the bottom.

After a long walk we reached the peak, walking in the clouds which was covering the mountains like a thick white woolen blanket and we in the midst wondering if this was heaven watching the beautiful valley and Hirimaryguppe range from Kudremukh was the most pleasurable experience.

A beautiful view from the peak...

Somavathi waterfalls -1st step

A dense Shola forest...

Kudrekmuk is a paradise for bird watchers trekker’s photographers and nature lovers, on our way back we went to ruins of an old British bungalow near the peak; we had a light lunch and started descending the mountain with our heart contented by god's wonderful creations soaking our mind body and soul with beauty of the place.

Painting in British Bungalow...


sandeep said...

yet another luvly report from u ... and beautiful shots to go with

A.Ramesh said...

Excellent Photos with a nice report & very good place to trek.

RAMDAS said...

dear holla,
i saw your blog in one of the mails
i received.beautiful locations
and beautiful fotos.kindly mention the place where it exactly located
in the descriptions. coz people will come to know where it is located and can chalk a trip like me.
yours affectionately
ramdas pai k

Vivek N Shetty said...

Rakesh, which is this house you mentioned about? could u provide some more details please???

Padmanaban G S said...


we a gang of 25 members are planning to go to Kudremuk, could you please provide more,
* Details whether accomadation will be available for so many members?
*And what will be the cost for local guide?
*Is there any falls on the way were we can take bath?
*How long will it take to reach the top of the mountain?

Ashwin said...

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