Monday, February 8, 2010

Arishinagundi waterfall, Kollur

Arisinagundi waterfall is one special place whenever I recall my first trek which i started with this place it brings a smile and I feel very good, later I have gone to this place many times and from different routes all the while and almost in all different seasons, out of those some very memorable are, the one in rainy season there was non stop rain in this dense forest i here give my details a wonderful adventure to always dwell upon.This beautiful waterfall is situated at the foot of the Kodachadri hills and is famous for its scenic beauty. My friend VenuVinod decided to start their yearly tour program from this place with selected colleagues. So i was the privileged one too and since it was my favorite place, I also agreed to join them on one fine Sunday morning we started our journey on our bikes.
When we reached -Kollur it was just drizzling ,when we started our trek it started to pour yes it was a rainy day and a monsoon trek but none of us had come fully prepared but left our souls to be tended by nature:)who can stop our madness well it was one of a thing and how many get to have such an was courage mental strength and physical endureness against nature.... rain on one end was a pleasure to get drenched but the main difficulty was along with skies opening up mother earth also decided to sing and dance down the mountains in form of swollen streams making it really tough testing our strength to the maximum, but of course we did manage to cross most of the streams. After 4kms tough walk we took a deviation to the left here the forest became very narrow and dense, and we had constant company of leeches completely covering the ground below their attack was unbearable deadly parasites feasting on us. On our way there were many mini waterfalls this is one joy you get to see during monsoon, some places we had to cross these waterfalls with great adventure in 2 places some of our teammates couldn't move any further because of its size. We had to take hold of creepers and branches of trees at some point i did feel like Tarzan :) finally we reached the base.
This time Arasinagundi waterfall was very violent we were not able to stand near the waterfalls, every season it looks so different nature being soft, unruly, naughty, and violent I got to see all the forms. We spent some time & then started back. On our return we faced some critical problems. Some streams had swollen making it very difficult to cross which took more time to cross it. We applied some different tactics also. Finally we were able to come back safely with small injuries on some of our teammates.
In this trek we had our food packed but we just couldn't open it to eat finally we had to dispose it as it was soaked completely. This was the first trip I couldn't take a single photo since i couldn't open my bag due to heavy rain. After this trip some of teammates never dare to go trekking till now. But the adventure the crawling and climbing every thing sets ones adrenaline rush a complete adventure totally very satisfying.

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shridhar said...

Your write up helped me to recall my college days. I went to this place in 2003 when i was studying in Nitte.
This was a class trip hence the team size was very big. Though the trekking/trip went without much pain but i got nice scoldings from the faculty for organising the trip [ they never thought it would be trekking ] to these kind of place.
Any how they were happy after seeing the falls that too in the mid sun of around 12.30pm.when it shines with rainbow color.
wow it was the awesome exp to share.
Thanks for the write up.