Saturday, February 20, 2010


Another wonderful place to add to our memories of wilderness was Harimariguppe, it's a very nice place to trek Dinesh Holla sir arranged the trek to this place, we reached village on a Saturday evening the villagers are always friendly and every ready to help one of the villagers was very gladly let us sleep at his place for the night and also arranged for the camp fire., his was starting point for the trek.
Next day early in the morning we four members visited the Bangreballige waterfalls which was nearby, we returned and had bath in a stream and got ready for our trek, initially the trek for an hour or so was little dragging but once we started walking in the grassland things were better cool breeze green valley on one side greenery every where made our trek worthwhile.
This peak was a little different it was a combination of two sharp peaks and from there we could see Kudremukh peak, we relaxed for some time had our lunch and started back on the way back when we had a look behind at the peak it was completely covered with fog and looked very nice a very pleasant trek a soft kind rather to slowly rekindle our spirits...

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