Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kodekallu and Baarekallu, Charmadi

Baremale Mountains in Charmadi range always eluded us due do one reason or the other,first we had to cancel due to threat of wild elephants rampant in this area,due to this people in estates do not give us permission to enter the forest which of course we have to passing through these estates,some of the estates and surroundings were badly damaged by these wild pachyderms.
We reached Somanakadu Valley late in the evening, after a lot of requests and convincing people at the estate gave us shelter for the night and our initial plan of baremale was cancelled again and we decided to go to Kodekallu and Barekallu peaks.After a small trek we reached Kodekallu mountain (in local language it means umbrella stone), it's a huge boulder where in there is a wide gap as the name suggests it is indeed like an umbrella protecting trekkers from sun and rain:)

Kodekallu and Yerikallu (Huli-Dana Betta)
 Baare Kallu
There was so much space many people can take shelter under it,at some places there was cold natural water trickling down the rock it was indeed refreshing, nature has it's own way of surprising things in store,at one side we could see the winding roads of Charmadi then on the other Balekallu,yet another Yerikallu and another side a big valley.
After sinking into this wonderful sight we started our climb to Barekallu,it was worth the climb we could see Kallugundi waterfalls at a distance and view was panoramic,though the peak looks very near from this place it took us almost another hour and half we reached the peak ,complete grass land and cool wind and Ramesh Kamath Sir's banter through out made the trek more pleasurable...


sudheer kumar said...

snapsa r very nice.

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Neat Blog, those landscape images are beautiful...Thomas

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could you please help us hw to plan for a trip to the place