Monday, July 4, 2016

Ajjigundi waterfall, Yellapur

Few things in the natural world are as aweinspiring as the sight of water pouring off the side of a high stone ledge and clamouring into a rocky pool beneath. Ajjigundi is placed perfectly to soothe the visitor’s body and mind with natural sceneries and fragrance.
 Ajjigundi waterfall is located 13 km away from Yallapur nestled between Areca plantation and forested area where the sun hardly reaches. The sun had awakened and was barely peeking through the hazy sky with a warm golden light. The crisp morning air echoed with our voices enjoying the country side we sung all along the track. The trail is short with a little bit of a descending to the waterfall.
The path to the Ajjigundi Waterfall is not too long, while climbing down towards the stream we heard the roar of the waterfall from a distance and finally we reached. The boulders and the branches of trees seem to frame the falls like a picture postcard. Cameras went on clicking there was no need of composing a scene for taking pictures. Just point the camera to any direction you feel and click it will be good picture.
The whitish gushing water cascading from the rock faces makes this waterfall highly attractive. The water was ice cold and some of the team member took dip on it. The clear waters of the sacred Waterfall the blue sky and surrounding densely forested hills made dream come true.


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Abhay Pandit said...

amazing work...! great even i want to visit could you please help to reach this place ajji gundi from yellapur.. ?

Tiruka said...

Hello guys, ajjigundi falls has been closed permanently, as tourists creating nuesense and problems to villagers(private property also). So requesting don't waste Ur time, energy and fuel by visiting the falls.