Sunday, July 17, 2016

Huvinahadagali, The village of flower boat

Huvina hadagali has a group of temples each with separate deity and are referred to as Kallesvara, Channakeshava, Benne Krishna, Yoganarayana. All these temples are nestled 100 meters surroundings. From the inscription it becomes clear that Huvinahadagali was a great Shaiva & Vishnava center and was under Rebbaladevi wife of the brave Brahman general Ravideva period of Kalyana Chalukya.
Huvu means flower; Hadaga means boat and Halli means village. Therefore it is a village of flower boat. It is believed that when the city of Vijayanagara flourished flowers needed for temples and palace were floated down from Tungabadhra from this place. As if to confirm this even today it can be seen number of old wells and gardens in this place.
The Kallesvara temple in the town of Huvinahadagali, is a Kalyana Chalukyas temple as evidenced by an inscription of Kalideva has been dated to 11th century A.D. The Kallesvara temple consists of a Garbhagriha, an Antarala, Mandapa and two Mukhamandapas at the east and south. The extant portion of the Adhishthana has the mouldings of Upana and Adhopadma.
 In elevation the indented walls have double pilastered turrets flanked by tall slender pilasters reaching up to the eves. At the Adhishthana level architectural members decorated with dentils support projecting eaves. In the region at Mukhamandapa S shaped massive eaves are provided. The Garbhagriha walls have niches projecting prominently with sloping eaves and turret above. The front sides of the niches have flying Gandharvas supporting bracket figures.
The Garbhagriha houses a small Siva linga on a pitha. Locals said it is Saligrama Shivalinga which is most sacred and powerful stone. The Garbhagriha doorways are elaborately carved with five Sakhas. At the base of each Sakha are beautiful female figures with Dvarapalas. On the lintel is a band of hanging festoons and the Lalata has a figure of Gajalakshmi. The Antarala doorway is simple with Purnakumbha based pilaster.
 The square Navaranga has four Chalukyan pillars of great beauty with a moulded base. The figures on the lower block of the pillars include Madhava, Padmanabha, Hrishikesa, Kesava, Manmatha, sculpture of Ganesha are excellent examples of Chalukyan art. Channakeshava temple is situated next to the Kalleshara temple this temple consists of two Garbhagrihas, Antarala, Naaranga and two Mandapas.
 The other temple Murudevara Temple is very close to the Kallesvara temple, here 3 temples are enclosed within an open Mukhamandapa measuring 80*40 ft. There are 3 Garbhagrihas inside the Mandapa, at the extreme east beautiful Shrine of Yoganarayana, at center Shiva and west Bala Kriahna (Benne Krishna). Yoganarayana and Benne Krishna shrines are fully decorated with different types of detailed ornaments best examples of plastic art shows superb Chalukyan workmanship.

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