Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kargodu falls

Kargodu falls, which has elevated the beauty of forest with the crystal clear water, gushing down the rocky path, is providing a magnificent view to the visitor. We planned to visit this unidentified waterfalls so as per our plan we started our morning with great breakfast, hot tea and Akki Rotti were right combination to get us going in full spirit, after a short bike ride we reached Kargodu village, we parked our vehicles and initial stretch goes through Areca plantations and later crossed a small bamboo bridge over a small stream.
 Then we trekked on grassland plateau and then we entered the forest passing through a small hamlet towards the valley. Without taking rest we forwarded, the weather was extraordinarily favorable. We soon reached thick woods of the higher region and found ourselves enveloped by a virgin forest of gigantic elegant trees.
 The beauty of this forest is inexpressible a certain anxiety nevertheless fills the wanderers souls. The deep stillness of the forest eerie rushing of the wind through these huge trees needles and sublimity of nature’s powerful forces made an impression on me that I will never forget.

 Further our journey goes through many bushes thick bamboo roofed forests. Once we saw the waterfall none of us could speak the tough trek were forgotten it was worth everything I thanked god being alive to see one of his wonderful creation the thundering waterfall was mesmerizing getting cool showers from the fall all our tiredness vanished.
 After running over a stretch of rocks to this place the brook tumbles downward around 80 feet with tremendous force into a rock basin where the water scattered in a million droplets come together again and then flows tranquilly into a small ravine. It is with difficulty that on climbs down into the base of the falls but however arduous the scrambling down just as rewarding is the sight one finds below. It was an authentically splendid scene all around stood rocks luxurious adorned with handsome plants and shrubs. It seems god might have taken the place for a masterpiece of tasteful gardening.
 When illuminated by the sun, streams of waterfall forming a bright silver band down over the rocks producing an uproar that is doubly frightful in the beautiful space and the dark green leaves plantains adorn the waterfalls. We felt so good watching the falls it was like gallons of milk pouring down the hill time stood still everything around was mute except for the sound of the waterfall.

 After we had enjoyed the stately tableau for long time we pulled ourselves away from the beautiful sight with great reluctance headed back the same way it was quiet quick we reached back in one hour. Throughout our journey was filled with hundreds of vibrant butterflies fluttering, Beautiful pebbles in grass bright like shining pearls, Colourful Mushrooms ,Evergreen forests, flowing very pure water in the brook, So many chirping birds and little variety of species, Romancing trees, Green covered hills and valleys all around it was a very wonderful experience. 
 It was that moment of happiness, joy and ecstasy that everyone unanimously exhibited after being amalgamated with nature for just two days!! Of course the real life out there in wild is calling us to fuse to make us realize the true happiness. 


R Niranjan Das said...

Nice falls amidst the verdant greenery.

Arun Prasadh said...

The forest pic is beautiful.

harshita said...

nice post