Friday, January 16, 2015

Trikuteshwara temple, Gadag

Gadag is famous as a sacred place because of historical temples built during Kalyani Chalukyas period. There are many beautiful temples and Jain Basadis on this city. Sri Trikuteshwara temple at southern part of Gadag is one of the largest most prominent Chalukyan temples in north Kanrnataka. The east facing Garbhagriha has three Lingas representing the Trimoorthis are mounted on a single stone.
 Adjoining to the Shiva temple another sanctorum to the south is dedicated to the goddess Sarasvathi shrine. This temple is beautifully carved with shining pillars and a porch with impressive carvings. A visit to here will make gape with astonishment at the ornately carved pillars and the door leading to the sanctum sanctorum. 
 Ornate panels intricately carved stone partitions stoic stone pillars slanting rooftop make this proportionate temple complex a marvel! The original colossal deity of Goddess Saraswathi became damaged by invaders or miscreants and a newly carved sculpture has now been installed in an adjacent shrine.

 Though the idol is desecrated, I can just visualize how beautiful the imagination of the sculptor was about the goddess of learning. The temple gives the impression that the skilled and blessed sculptors were giving back what they learnt as Gurudakshina to the goddess by creating this temple.

 Inside the main Trikuteshwara temple, inclined slabs serve as balcony seats, and these are decorated with ornately carved figures, overhung by steeply angled eaves. Inside the hall, the columns have figures arranged in shallow niches.

Overall, the temple is in quite good repair, the slanting roof and imposing construction make it a very pleasing monument to view. In the back of the temple complex is a tank, called Rudra Theertha, along with a well.


R Niranjan Das said...

Wonderful sculptures!

Arun Prasadh said...

Beautiful architecture.Nice pics.