Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gijgini Waterfalls

 As soon as my vacation is approved, I packed my bags, drive all the way from my place.  I always wanted to explore around AG valley and let me tell you it was fantastic! Come have a look on it. Far away from typical touristic places, it is truly a hidden gem. It took us 3 hours to reach my friend Mahabala’s house! First day we explored few new waterfalls around there. Second day we spent the whole day hiking deep forests to explore Gijguni waterfalls. It was amazing!
 After trekking for about an hour from the village soon we started descending which was gradual and was towards the main stream. Soon we were heading into dense bamboo jungle filled with surprises!!  After descending 100 meter we were back to thick woods. After negotiating with the bushes and thorns we made our initial hike skipping the stream & entered into the thick tinny bamboo forest, soon to be lost in the thick and sloppy ridges of AG Valley.
 We had to climb the thorn filled ridges, move along with thick vegetation cover and descend along slippery rocky terrain. We carefully descended down the slope. I could hear the falls roaring from long and within next few minutes with tough attempt between thick jungles we reached directly in to front of Twin Falls.
  Once we reached the stream, we got a breath-taking view of Twin waterfalls and where we climbed down from it was impenetrable jungle that we came. The view from here was magnificent. It was a wonderful set of approximately 100 feet wide rock slab surrounded by green forest is bisected by two powerful bursts of water in the small distance.
 Two separate streams of water cascade down the black much stretched rock, which is divided by huge rock walls and converging around 10 meters away from these waterfalls, the water is almost transparent white as it tumbles down below from 40-50 feet height.
  In the First cascade the thick spouts of water rush over the rock and land in a small pool of water and next one has a thinner, spread out flow of water, making it seem more delicate than the others.
 We spent here around 30 minutes - From here we proceeded towards the second stage. We walked a length about 100 meters and we reached the top of the Gijguni. The view from the top was mesmerizing. After the excitement subsided we started planning the route for the base of the Gijguni main step.
 We searched the way to go down to the falls; we took a diversion from the top to reach the base. I scanned from top nothing looked easy but I can see the way to make it possible to reach the base. It was difficult to clamber down on the steep slope, brushing aside low branches and roots, scrambling over moss laden rocks until I came across some rocky area where we able to see the falls in the nearest distance.

 Anyhow we made the way to the base of the falls over more boulders to witness the majestic of Gijguni falls. It was so beautiful that words are not enough to describe the falls like, way it looks like is unique, rocks formation, tranquillity of icy water and the small ponds is an asset to Gijguni falls. It has on more small stage after this level with big pond.

 After diving, swimming, filling up icy waters, we rested for a while. Almost everyone had taken a nice dip in the water. And it was time for me to take the pictures. Everyone had their rounds for taking their profile pictures and quickly we took a group shot. The astounding sight pleased my senses and made me realize that all those adjectives that are synonymous to stunning will be aptly expressed at that moment!

 Nothing thrills me more than to discover new waterfall that is mysterious in wild.  It turned out to the best and most enjoyable trek under fabulous Gijguni falls.  No words to express as everyone were delighted and overjoyed with ecstasy. After all, what you need in life is that moment of happiness under the misty skies along with likeminded souls in the lush green with thundering waterfalls and gusty winds moving your soul!!


Nagesh M said...

How to reach the place can you share the details

R Niranjan Das said...

Nice to know about this falls. Where exactly is this?