Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yoganarasimha Temple - Baggavalli

Baggavalli village near Gondedahalli has a very unique 12th century Hoysala temple relics of past glory! It is said that Baggavalli originally known as Bhargavapura in inscriptions and the village was an Agrahara on its past. The structure was built during the Hoysala king Ballala-III period. (1239 AD) and it seems to be the oldest temple and most neglected temple on this village.
Baggavalli is a Village in Tarikere Taluk in Chikmagalur District which is 17.2 km distance from its Taluk Main Town Tarikere .Last weekend Rajesh Sir chosen to visit this place so I and two of my friends joined him and as his plan we reached this place by 3pm. This temple built in Hoysala-Vesara –Style, temple refers to grant of Amritapadi.
Temple is popularly called Yoganarasimha but actually the dedication of the structure was made to Keshava. The temple is star shaped in plan and has a Vesara Sikhara.
This Trikuta temple consists of Girbhagraha, Sukhanasi and Navaranga, elegantly decorated pillars and doorjambs are attractive. The deity in the sanctum sanctorum is Keshava, which is about 1.52 meters in height. The temple is one of the few examples of simple star shaped structures.

Shrine of Lakhsmi, Stands near by which is simple square structure, Yoganarasimha sculpture is also found in the same structure; besides Shanmukha Ganesh and Lakshmi Narayana figures are found.


Vaish said...

Beautiful architecture, but why is this place so abandoned ?? The govt should make all hoysala architecture a Unesco heritage site or take some steps to preserve them.

Team G Square said...

Wonderful .. Agree with above comment , majority of Hoysala temple deserve to be Unesco heritage list .

Ashok said...

Ya, but Govt. do not have funds to give except for the influential, religiously well known temple,mutts.