Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chelavara falls (Embepare falls) – Cheyyandane.

I was ambivalent when I decided to go Chelavara falls because I already visited this place quite a few times and also it was not my actual plan it’s just I kept it for optional. Finally lack of time we dropped some other place and headed to Chelavara falls
The Chelavara falls has to be reached through a winding journey through the hills and the journey to the base of the Chomakund hills. The Hilly road to falls was also very nice with coffee plantations on both sides.
After a 100 meters downer walk we reached base of the falls. The speculate view of the water gushes from the top amidst forest, covered by the green coffee plantations, from the height of 70 feet single rock. It is also called as Embepare by the locals meaning Tortoise Rock.
After spending enchanting time under the splendid backdrop of Chelavara falls we reached the top of falls with some trekking path and saw the aerial view of the falls, near to this there is one more place where stream of water gushes out in separate path creating its own fall.


Ashok said...

Now its a tourist place. Have to maintain cleanliness...

Vaish said...

Wow! They are gorgeous! I need to start to take notes of beautiful places in Karnataka..