Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timeless Treasures ...Part-2

Ramalingeswara temple -Bedasgav
Getting up early to start our trek again took all our will power, we pulled ourselves and resumed our trek we reached a village called Bedasgav
first we visited Ramalingeswara temple, this temple was well maintained by the villagers, after spending some time at this place we went to another temple which was at a short distance from the place we were,
here we find 3 major temple though it's beautiful unfortunately these temples are not protected reflecting on our heritage. There is a need of immediate Conservation and Restoration for these temples.
Beautiful Statue
Sarweshwara temple
Next we went Hanagal Naregal temple which is situated in Haveri district. We parked our vehicle outside &moved in. This is a small Sarweshwara temple coming under Archeological department. This temple is protected by this Department.

Beautiful lake...
To be continue…

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