Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timeless Treasures ...

Last January wonderful two day trip was planned by Rajesh Naik it was a mixture of temples ,beaches, forests and lot of trekking which was involved in this action packed two day schedule, a car was already booked for this trek ,we reached Kumta early in the morning after freshening up having an early breakfast we first went to our local beach near Karwar, but early morning visit to beaches are not lucrative it's being used as public toilet and almost drove us out,
Our next place was Sadashivghad a hill fort 5km north of Karwar and a small village across the Kali River , once a known trade centre, ruled by the erstwhile kings of Kadambas & the Marathas; & later by the Portuguese & the British.
An abandoned fort, assumed to be built in the 1698 by Raja Sonde, on a hill top of 200ft high, which affords an eyeful of nature’s beauty. The long running hill ranges, the confluence of the sea & the river Kali; the fishing boats & all other gifts of nature.
After crossing Kadra Dam, the entire region was excellent with dense semi evergreen & evergreen forests, beauty of Kali backwater & also many small waterfalls & streams. The drive on the smooth road on this lush Ghat unfolds the beauty of the Western Ghats .

We reached Kalache Rock at mid-noon; it is an 80 ft single rock structure and has religious significance. It reminds me of ‘ Yana ’ but it was totally different & hidden,
Kalache Kallu
later in the afternoon we trekked to Baskipatar & Girgirpatar viewpoints, though trough a tedious trek and walking we couldn't reach that place, we halted at Yellapur and stayed at a nice hotel for the night.

To be continue…


ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

good one. Great pictures. why didn't you mention the name of that falls?

and by the way this trip was not during October 2008. But during January 2009!!!! Make the correction.


sandeep said...

beautiful pictures rakesh. especially the 2nd one is breathtaking