Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monsoon walks: Joyisaragundi and Danagundi Waterfalls

Parapady Waterfalls
This trip was planed suddenly. Saturday evening I planed to go somewhere with my bike in this monsoon, in the mean time I got the call from friend Sudheer. So finally a small discussion we planed to go Perapady waterfalls.

Parapady Waterfalls
Both we don’t know much about this palace and also maximum we can spend one hour in this place, so our free time we plan to go somewhere near by this. So I contact Ramesh Kamth sir, he suggest to go JoyisaraGundi.

So finally Sunday morning we started with five (Ramesh Kamath,Sudheer,Ashok,Sandesh & me), but we made change in our plan because of heavy rain and it was small group we go with Kamth sir’s car.

We finished our breakfast in middle & reached Pettarkatte bus stop at 9am. After 2 km’s drive we reached Kamblakodu village finally 5 minutes calm walk we reached this beautiful place. Shambhavi River here drops from 10 feet height in beautifully, this is a very wide waterfalls and the fall is in its full glory during monsoon. After spending some time in this place we returned back & moved to our next destiny place.

DanaGundi -1st step

Next one hour journey we reached Mala village and take some required information about place from locally & move to ahead. First we planed to go DanaGundi and PanchaArbi falls which is situated in the lush green forests of Kudremukh National Park.
DanaGundi -Main Stage
After 2 kilometers mud road drive we reached the Hebbar house, this road also end with here. Finally we entered to wild jungle, after 15 minutes walk we reached first step. Here stream would split & falls 2 different positions. This is very beautiful with its virginity.

After 1st step no proper paths to main falls. Even rain season we can’t cross stream also. From morning these reason non-stop rain, but also we love adventure in wild. So we started to going one side of the stream in thick forest.
So finally a tough walk we reached main fall the place where the waterfalls are located is surrounded by lush greenery & the foliage around the spot is attractive. One more step in upstairs of this but because of heavy rain we can’t reach & we canceled to go Pancarbi, we returned back Mala & had lunch in one small village hotel.

Joyisara Gundi Falls
Our next plan is to go JoyisaraGundi. We reached Parashuram temple which 2 km’s away from Mala. After 2 km walk we reached Upstairs of this fall. Because of heavy rain the volume of the water also big, this falls seems like Abbi falls of Coorg. This is the most beautiful fall on the day we see. We walk down few minutes down & reach one more step in down side.

JoyisaraGundi - Upper view


JoyisaraGundi - Upper view

In this reason so many other hidden places are there to see which as Hulugudda Waterfall, Galipade, Manchkallu & Hullugudda. Rain also supported along the journey to be success this monsoon trip.


sudheer kumar said...

good programme at last minute.i enjoyed it.

shivu said...


this is fantastic...your programme very adventure and photos too good..! keep posting the photos..

Harisha Rao said...

nice catch in this moonsoon....

ರಾಜೇಶ್ ನಾಯ್ಕ said...

missed it. you rascals didnt tell me that you would be going! I WAS FREE.

ksn said...

Very good trek. Good wishes. Nature is our GOD. Well done. Keep it up.

surekha said...

Rakesh,really nice photos. When u r getting time to concentration to this?

rakesh holla said...

Dear Shivu sir,
Definitely i will publishing more with all of your blessing...
Dear Surekha,
Thanks for visit my site..
In my free time i will go..
Dear Adiga sir,Sudheer K,Harish R,Rajesh Sir...Thanks for your comments..