Sunday, November 20, 2016

Gundigadde Falls

It was a breathtaking drive, we spent most of the drive in silence completely overwhelmed by the beauty around us. After 3 hours bike ride we finally reached the village. It was such an amazing experience to get a glimpse of the people’s lives there, the kids and the elders were some of the warmest people you could ever meet.
Gundigadde falls is incredibly beautiful and unspoiled. Check out those lovely mountains, expansive rice fields, and thick woods. No wonder the air here is cool and refreshing.  After a short briefing we started a 30 minute hike to Gundigadde falls, the trail started with paddy fields and areca plants which meant that the noontime sun bombarded us with its full power. Thankfully though large trees and thick plants rose on either side of the trail and provided us a good shade. Along the way we found cool blossoms, I was amaze of the biodiversity.
The sound of a stream serenaded us, as we continued hiking the easy trail with the heat becoming more intense. After crossing the river and enduring an easy hike we arrived at top of the falls. Then finally we experienced our first glimpse of the Gundigadde Falls from the top. It was just beautiful! The 300 feet waterfalls was too inviting. Sans the sounds of human chatter and laughter, the rushing waters and the chirping birds are all singing to relax, enchant melody of Mother Nature. Once we reached the top it’s definitely worth to look at the vast rolling hills, slopes and valley.
I got even more excitement of, what the base of the highest level looks like: we hurriedly went down to get a final taste of it. We crossed the stream and climbed down the steep, grass covered rock cliff. There is nothing to grip the rocks; we have to use our hands and legs. By careful inching towards the mossy natural spillway we reached the bottom of initial stage of the waterfalls.
Gundigadde Water falls is in two levels. And further stream will join to Appemara madugundi.  The rocks in the bottom of the falls are quite slippery. The waterfalls fueled by hidden springs far beyond the mountains.
We continued to explore further levels.  Just few meters climbing down we are in the top of the second tire of waterfall. It has slippery rock bed and it is top of the second stage. This level is an example of a classic tiered or multistep waterfall. Each drop is similar to each other and has its own sunken plunge pool.
We tried to get in to the bottom of the lower tier but we couldn’t find a safe trail.  For more than an hour we had so much fun. We silently scrambled amidst the rushing water, withholding any conversation and enjoying the touch of Mother Nature.  Can you imagine how skillful her hands are in carving this natural wonder?
 Appemara madugundi
Arguably one of the most accelerating experiences I've ever had in Gundigadde. Just standing at the edge of Gundigadde Falls makes feel dizzy and cause shivers down in your spine but the adrenaline rush it offers is unbearably hard to resist. Waterfalls are not just wonders in nature but a blessing for hikers as well and the best example for this is the Gundigadde Falls.


Prashanth Ts said...

Awesome waterfall... Had wonderful experience..

Prashanth Ts said...

Awesome waterfall... Had wonderful experience..

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