Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chigadi Falls

The drive to Jarkuvare Hill is truly breathtaking the scenery is jaw dropping as we climbed up this gigantic hill and then descends down to the valleys below. The hill is surrounded by many ruined forts like Kotegudda, Valakote and Diddagudda hill, many waterfalls and ruined Jaina’s temples.
A mile walks from Jarkuvare with the lovely forest and plantations which is by all means worth. The way the sun hits the tree tops, the leaves, and the small streams and hidden paths we carried on our adventure in a magical land.
The trek path is criss-crosses, we keep crossing the stream and again balancing ourselves on the stones in the stream to cross over. In winters as the water level is low crossing is not too much of a problem but I am sure in Monsoons there is no option other than wetting feet several times during the trek.
Wow! The jungle was just beautiful, nicely covered over our heads, as we continually passed streams and mini waterfalls; the last bit of going to the waterfall is very perilous. The acute senses of the local guide however took care of that. With his naked legs he slipped through leading the way everywhere scarcely touching the ground in his dexterity a fact that astonished us greatly. We were thus charmed and astonished by the inexhaustible power of nature that manifested itself at every step.
Chigadi waterfall is hidden from dense crop of trees. As we approached top of the waterfalls at its top edge a mouth formed of rock 70 feet height and 30 feet wide which devours the waterfall with frightful thirst. Such boulders are highly interesting but it would have been foolhardy for us to venture into this narrow waterfall without the necessary preparation.
While coming back we went to BangleGudde hill, spent some time and had beautiful sunset. Life is so beautiful in the lap of the nature. We need one more birth to enjoy each and every place. Looking forward another thrilling trek, we ended here.


Rahul Patel said...

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Rahul Patel said...
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Shah Ismail Khan said...

I really appreciate your writing and photography. May Allah enchance your skills even more. But where is this place; mind mentioning the exact location?

Equipo Imperios said...

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