Sunday, October 11, 2015

Narasimha Swamy Temple, Rangapura

Another beautiful ancient Kalyana Chalukyas temple is found in a small village called Magala in Huvinahadagali Taluk. Narasimha Swamy Temple situated on the bank of Tungabhadra, this temple is assignable to the middle of 11th century A.D. in the region of Chalukyas of Kalyana. The temple facing north and it has two Garbhagrihas, each with an Antarala connected to a common Navaranaga and a Mukhamanadapa. The walls are plain on the exterior.
The superstructure over the Sanctum is built in Brick and Lime rising in octagonal configuration of five tires in the typical Maratha style in receding order. Except first tier which is plan the remaining five tiers have arches. Only one arch has a stucco image.
The temple is known for the sculpture of six armed ferocious Narasimha slaying Hiranyakashipu. Mahalakshmi, Surya, Ganesh and Dwarapalas are kept in Antaraa and Navaranga.
Six armed ferocious Narasimha slaying Hiranyakashipu
The chirping of the birds and the gurgling of the river are soothing to the ears. The greenery surrounding the riverbanks is breathtaking. All these put together was the picture perfect. The sanctum (west faced) has a small Linga and one can feel the powerful vibrations from the lord.
A short neck is succeeded by ribbed finial. An austere pillared hall Pakashaa is located in the west of the temple which is further divided into two chambers. A Vijayanagara period Mahadvara with a flight of steps towards north leads one to the River Tungabhadra.


Viraj Mehta said...

The divine and serene feeling that one gets post reading your blog is unexplainable! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience in the blog. The splendid clicks of the deities is truly spellbinding. I wish to visit this place at the earliest.

Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar said...


Rakesh Good Job , I want to visit

Sri Narasimha Temple,
Rangapura :583216

Sri Channakeshava ,
Yoga Narayana and Benne Krishan
Huvinahadagali, 583219

Can you guide me please , I stay in Bangalore, My hobby is to locate old Vishnu Temples and put in my own website, so that it will be helpful to others. My website is temporarily pulled down to put Disclaimer clause.

Thanks in advance , I have sent a friend request in FB , How to reach you by email.

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