Sunday, October 4, 2015

Muregar Waterfalls, Sirsi

There’s nothing more relaxing than a weekend road trip. The ride to the Waterfalls is smooth and trouble free. We first reached Sirsi and continued on Sirsi-Hulekal road for around 12 km took left deviation towards Salkeni. About 7 km picturesque country road, one can see a sign board instructing us to take a right deviation for Muregar village. My friend Shrinivas also joined us; from here it’s around 5 km to the falls. Then we crossed a small cluster of houses name Muregar due to which this falls is also referred to as Muregar waterfalls.
Muregar Waterfalls is surrounded by pastures of lush, green and dense trees and shrubs, river side was very rocky and we were mostly walking over huge boulders.  We can actually get down to the bottom of the falls and have a beautiful view of the falls. We need to cross few boulders to get down. It is perceived to have high medicinal values as it flows across plethora of herbs with medicinal values.
Muregar Falls is also called as Teppige falls or Daggumane Falls. This falls originates from the stream Muregar Halla which is the sub River of Shalmala River. Here you can see the Shivalingas and other gods like Ganesha, Shanmuka etc. As per history, all these Shiva Lingas were built by Sirsi king Sadashivaraya (1678-1718).
The Waterfalls is full of Shivlinga of different sizes and shapes scattered all around. This aspect of the place makes it a cool place to chill out for both pilgrims and nature lovers.

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